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Lace-up Boots Vs. Pull-on Boots -Which to Choose?

Whether you prefer hiking, trekking, or any other type of adventure-filled endeavor, comfortable lace up shoes women or boots that are sturdy and slip-resistant will be ideal for you. A strong and durable hiking shoe is an essential component in your footwear collection to avoid unnecessary foot pain while experiencing maximum performance in an action-packed adventure or activity. For your on-the-job footwear, you should possess a good idea of the overall material or the general look you might be aiming for.

Whatever might be you’re your choice -the shoe debate continues. Slip-on versus lace-up boots -which should you choose? Which is more comfortable? Which can help in preventing foot pain effectively? Should you opt a firm fit or an easy-to-access fit? Once you have answers to these questions, you can go ahead with choosing the best lace-up shoes for yourself.

What is the Difference Between Slip-on and Lace-Up Shoes?

At the first glance, it is difficult to differentiate between slip-on and lace-up boots from the overall looks itself. They both help in delivering the same levels of protection -whether you choose a suede, waterproof leather, or an ankle boot. However, there are different ways in which possessing and not possessing laces can bring up the overall differences. 

Both types of shoes are known to deliver diverse benefits. Therefore, you should choose a pair depending on your day-to-say chores. Some of the primary factors you need to consider while choosing between slip-on boots and lace-up shoes are:

  • Convenience: Based on your job, you would not always look for a work boot clinging to your foot for entire life. Convenience serves to be the deciding factor in the selection of your work boots or shoes. 
  • Lace-up shoes: If you work at a rough location like a construction site, you should be wearing your shoes all day long. They are expected to be secure while snugging to deliver maximum comfort and protection.
  • Slip-on shoes: If you work at any other worksite requiring you to put on & take off your shoes quite frequently, a slip-on can be your best bet.


  • Fit Retention: As far as wearing the safety boot or work boot is concerned, the overall fit is an important consideration. Another common question that most wearers tend to ask is, “How should a boot fit?” The overall design and construction of the shoe will impact how it will ultimately fit -both initially and over time. 
  • Lace-up boots: These are firmer shoe options. Therefore, they will maintain the overall fit longer. Once they would loosen up, you can go ahead with adjusting them with the help of laces. Therefore, lace-up boots definitely win the fit retention game.
  • Slip-on boots: They might not maintain the respective shape for too long. Therefore, you will have to purchase an insole for the boots. Otherwise, you can also consider replacing them completely. 


  • Upkeep: You might consider investing in more than a single pair of boots. However, it is highly unlikely that you will spend bucks on a single boot every day of the week. The overall constant use of working boots under rigorous conditions without ample waterproof protection or other types of upkeep treatments will demand a higher upkeep and maintenance. 

Different shoes will require different levels of upkeep.

  • Lace-up shoes: These boots might demand a higher upkeep. It is because lace-up shoes are known to provide less ventilation to your feet. As such, it might lead to more sweating and odor. With periodic spraying and cleaning, it is easily manageable. The right cleaning method will include removing the laces, cleaning them thoroughly, and relacing the shoes. 
  • Slip-on shoes: These shoes will ultimately let you breathe. While they are still snugly, they offer sufficient ventilation and ultimately, less odor. They also tend to be more water-resistant. While you still wish to practice odor and proper hygiene, you do not have to worry about your boots stinking significantly. 


Even with all the boot trends that have been wooing us over several years -including hiking boots, animal print boots, and the highly perennial over-the-knee-boots, there is one style we still keep running after. It is the lace-up shoe or boot. Due to the rogue, combat-inspired look never getting out of style, we hope it remains in the modern fashion trend for several years to come. 

Thankfully, there is no shortage of lace-up shoes in the market. Whether you choose the classier Hollow at Novo Shoes NZ or the trendy Kavala range, the stylish lace-up shoes will work effectively well with high-waisted denim and a simple tee to complete your ensemble.

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