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Lab-grown Diamond Certifications

Speaking about lab-grown diamond certifications, some labs grade the diamonds based on their quality. The most reliable certifications come from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the International Gemological Institute (IGI). Lab-grown diamonds on Rare Carat have grading standards that help determine the quality of diamonds.

The grading standards reflect the carat weight, size, color, and cut of the diamonds. Grading certifications for lab diamonds help buyers identify the stones and be certain about their quality. Shop at Rare Carat to get authentic lab-grown diamonds at competitive prices. This post covers what lab-grown diamond certifications are all about.

What about diamond certifications?

Before knowing about lab-grown diamond certifications, buyers can visit Rare Carat to buy high-quality loose diamonds at reasonable prices. Typically, diamond certifications refer to the evaluation of diamonds provided by accredited organizations. These organizations will lay down their findings in a report that constitutes every physical characteristic of a single diamond.

Other than the physical properties, the organizations analyze how the diamond performs based on its properties. That way, certifications are an integral part of the diamond purchase. The authenticity of lab-grown diamonds is assessed and evaluated in the same way as that of natural diamonds.

In short, lab-grown diamonds undergo the same medium and methodology to evaluate mined diamonds. Additionally, the laboratories will help customers by indicating a natural and lab diamond in the certifications. To buy the best lab diamonds with certifications, shop at Rare Carat.

Grading of lab-grown diamonds

All kinds of diamonds, natural and lab-grown, could be certified only when the seller sends the stones to a grading organization. Some jewelers offer diamonds at heavily discounted prices because they don’t have certifications. However, these diamonds are unreliable because the real source is unknown.

Also, there is no way to find out if the diamond is fake or real. That’s the reason why buying certified diamonds is crucial. Visit Rare Carat to get authentic diamonds that carry reliable information about their properties such as carat weight, size, color, and cut. The best diamond certification comes from the IGI.

This organisation provides buyers with specific grading on the diamonds based on certain qualities such as color, clarity, and so on. The GIA is another reliable grading system for diamonds. Although GIA offers digital certificates, they are not seen everywhere because of higher costs. Many diamond retailers prefer to pay less and choose IGI instead.

GIA certifications of lab-grown diamonds

GIA is one of the most popular jewelry grading bodies in the world. People prefer it because it gives consistent results by assuring customers when it comes to buying loose diamonds. They follow a stringent grading system. The extensive report created by GIA is used both for natural and lab-grown diamonds.

The report includes certain aspects such as quality, cut, symmetry, polish grade, color, clarity, table percentage, and many more. Although GIA has started grading lab-grown diamonds for some time, few sellers prefer to use them. Most lab diamonds are certified by the IGI because GIA reports are expensive. Many diamond sellers will prefer to pay IGI to grade their diamonds and save more.

What is the importance of lab diamond certification?

When buyers spend their money on buying diamonds, they want to make sure that they get value for their money. Well-established and legal jewelry vendors will have certificates that support the authenticity of the diamonds. Hence, buyers should check the diamond report before making the purchase.

Buying non-certified diamonds isn’t a wise decision. Non-certified diamonds don’t go through rigorous testing. Besides, it isn’t worth taking the risk because it will jeopardize your investment. Buying something precious like a diamond should be treated as a top priority. So, buy them when the certification proves their authenticity.


Many people prefer buying lab-grown diamonds that come with certification. So, make sure that you are buying the diamond from a trusted jeweler like Rare Carat. They offer a great shopping experience by providing high-quality diamonds at competitive prices.

Besides, buyers can avail of discounts on the items. High-quality diamonds, exceptional customer service, and competitive pricing of the diamonds are what make Rare Carat stand out from the rest. Rare Carat deals in both natural and lab-grown diamonds.

They have earned a reputation for being one of the best places to buy diamonds and the 4.9/5-star reviews on Trustpilot and Google Business Profile proves it. So, buy GIA-approved diamonds from Rare Carat and make the smart decision.

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