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Explore the Kitchen Renovation Cost from Different Angles for An Idea!

Do you want to renovate your kitchen? The first few months of 2023 can be good for this job because rates may be lower or the same as last year. Still, any remodeling project deserves thorough consideration. You cannot jump at a decision because of one factor. And when it involves an important place like the kitchen, you will want to be extra careful. After all, the scale of work can impact your budget. While cosmetic changes can be forgiving, luxurious upgrades will demand more investment. Plus, kitchen size can also influence it. Most US kitchens are 100-200 sq ft, and large areas measure about 300 sq. ft. So, you will also have to consider more information like this.

Cosmetic upgrades

Cosmetic improvements can refresh your kitchen’s tired appearance. It mainly involves changing the surfaces without doing anything with the layout or the room’s functionality. For instance, you can switch to a new countertop or appliance, paint the walls and cabinets, etc. These remodeling projects usually cost USD $ 7,000-10,000. Kitchen remodeling companies usually provide everything from cosmetic upgrades to complete renovation so calculate what has better value for money in the long run.

Partial remodeling

Phoenix Home Remodeling offers kitchen renovation. They can give you more precise estimates about different projects if you approach them. Still, any mid-range kitchen renovation project can cost about USD $11,000-30,000 on average. As mentioned, kitchen size will be important in determining the price. Although it doesn’t modify layout or structure, you can replace many existing materials, such as cabinets, flooring, appliances, etc. Semi-custom cabinets can be slightly more expensive than stock cabinets. You could benefit from this upgrade if your kitchen lost its sheen. 

Full-scale renovation

This expensive project can cost anywhere from USD $26-70k. You remove all the items from the room to tweak the structure and layout. It helps solve leakage and mold issues. If you don’t have an island, you can add one. You can expand storage space. Because it’s an invasive process, the work can take several weeks to complete. It’s best to start with a reliable floor refinishing service and move on from there.

Luxurious improvement

It may exhaust a budget of USD $50,000-150,000. It’s also a full-scale renovation. The professionals will remove everything before installing the new appliances and surfaces. You can expand the area for more space. From custom islands to cabinets, you can get everything high-end. The project can continue for 12 weeks or longer because of the customization process.

A quick insight into some more areas 

The renovation cost of a kitchen can be USD $150-250 per square footage on average. Price will increase with kitchen dimension. If it’s a luxurious kitchen, it can cost USD $450 per sq. ft. With larger footprints, you may want to add more items, which can increase your renovation expense. For instance, a 200 sq ft U-shaped kitchen may need an island and peninsulas. If it’s only 100 sq ft, you will need either an island or a peninsula. Partial upgrades cost less than full-scale projects. 

Various factors can impact your kitchen renovation budget. So, it’s better to check your space thoroughly and decide what it needs. It will lead you to the choice of remodeling required. You can talk to your contractor about the cost associated with such work. Let them know your specifications if you want to increase or decrease your budget. 

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