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Obsessed with the latest Korean dramas? Here are some of the hottest Korean drama sex scenes and a look behind the camera.

Korean dramas: The hottest sex scenes in all of existence

Ever since the runaway 2019 Academy Awards triumph of the Korean black comedy thriller Parasite directed by Bong Joon-ho, Western audiences have become increasingly enamored of Korean drama as a whole.

K-dramas, as they are popularly known, are often dramatic or comedic romances that focus on a single couple. What’s fascinating is the tendency for sudden shifts in genre and tone. They have everything you could want in a show: attractive characters, hilarious & insightful dialogue – and, of course, romance. Hot romance.

But while sensuality is often a central focus, their love scenes are usually more virtuous that most Western depictions. But K-dramas do have their moments.

Psychological sexuality

For example, take The Handmaiden, the 2016 psychological thriller with multiple twists and turns full of dark erotica. Its plot features insanity, sexual abuse, crime, child endangerment, treachery, greed, and murder. 

Japanese Lady Hideko, played by Kim Min-hee, has been targeted by a scheme to rob her of her inheritance and have her committed to an insane asylum. The scheme is aided by Korean pickpocket Sook-hee (Kim Tae-ri), masquerading as the lady’s handmaiden.

At one point these two indulge in an erotic interlude under the guise of preparing the lady for her marriage bed. A fascinating erotic drama, The Handmaiden really cooks when it counts.

Modern lifestyles

The 2012 amorous romance B-E-D, directed by Park Chul-soo and based on a short story of the same name by novelist Kwon Ji-ye, stars Jang Hyuk-jin as B, Lee Min-a as E, and Kim Na-mi as D. 

B, whose life begins and ends on the bed, has an affair with married woman E, then maries D after the affair ends. This film is pretty much a series of erotic scenes featuring full frontal nudity that explores the depth & breadth of human desires. Not for the prudish.

Historical carnality

And then there’s The Treacherous, directed by Min Kyu-dong. In this 2015 period piece the Caligula-like main character, King Yeonsan (Kim Kang-woo) exploits the populace of Joseon for his own carnal pleasure, while his trusted advisor manipulates him through his impassioned desires.

The notorious acts of the king strain the boundaries of taste and decency while court intrigue keeps you on the edge of your seat. The Treacherous’s climax is intense, debauched, and orgiastic. Liberally laced with some intense sex scenes, this film is a crazy, carnal melding of outrageousness and historical fact.

Despite the obvious sexual overtones of The Handmaiden, B-E-D, and The Treacherous, K-dramas generally rather tend toward sensual kissing scenes.

Technological titillations

Popular Netflix series Love Alarm follows a romantic storyline with sociological overtones. Based on the Daum webtoon, its story revolves around three central characters, Kim Jo-jo (Kim So-hyun), Hwang Sun-oh (Song Kang), and Lee Hye-yeong (Jung Ga-ram).

Love Alarm’s premise involves their navigation of romantic impulses ruled by an app that notifies users if anyone within a ten-meter radius has romantic feelings for them. There is one very hot, bothered, and squealworthy scene between two of the main characters that will have you coming back for more.

Secret sex traffic

Another Netflix hit, Extracurricular, has its share of sex-fraught scenarios. Abandoned by his parents in the ninth grade, Oh Ji-soo (Kim Dong-hee) is a top student who, by all appearances, lives a quiet life. In actuality, he works as security for an illegal prostitution business under the name Uncle.

Lee Whang-chul, known as Old Man (Choi Min-soo), protects the sex workers and pays  Ji-soo. Oh Ji-soo’s classmate Seo Min-hee also works in the business, but doesn’t know  Uncle’s identity.

The show takes on some incredibly taboo topics including sex trafficking, abuse, and slavery and does so with a dramatic and tense storyline that only gets wilder as the show goes on. Peppered with sexual situations, intrigue, and a dash of humor, Extracurricular is well worth a watch.

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