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Did you know that marriage anniversaries are connected to different precious gemstones and metals? Find out yours, and check out our jewelry recommendations!

How to Choose Jewelry Gifts According to Your Anniversary Year

Here’s Why You Should Begin Your Own Heirloom Jewelry Collection: You can’t hold memories. But you can hold jewelry.

Heirloom jewelry collections predate the invention of the camera. Wealthy families used natural diamonds and other precious gemstones to remind them of distant memories and loved ones who had passed away. 

Some believe that natural gemstones pick up the vibrations around them. Do we cling to jewelry because the stones remind us of the vibrations of loved ones? We like to think so!

jewerly gifts anniversary

“When I’m an Old Woman, I Shall Wear Purple. . .”

Jenny Joseph describes her most extravagant lifestyle in her famous poem “Warning”. When she is an old woman, she promises to wear purple dresses and red hats and to splurge on expensive summer gloves.

There’s something illustrious about growing old and breaking free of society’s ideals. And heirloom jewelry collections honor this, with pieces collected from years of love and memories.

Most couples can’t afford a curated jewelry collection during the first years of their marriage. But over time, that collection will grow alongside their love. She’ll be able to wear purple and diamonds.

jewerly gifts anniversary

Dating Anniversaries

Stop letting people tell you dating anniversaries are cheesy. So what?

It’s time to overlook the cheesiness in dating anniversaries just like we overlook it in Hallmark movies. Love is worth celebrating. You could be celebrating your first six months or your first year together. Or, you could be old pros with seven years of dating experience behind you and a lifetime to go.

Whatever the case, jewelry is the answer for a sentimental gift that wows. We recommend a birthstone ring, diamond necklace, or stackable tennis bracelet to bring her jewelry box to life. Speaking of jewelry boxes, maybe it’s time to find one that’s big enough to fit a lifetime of love and gemstones. . .

jewerly gifts anniversary

Honeymoon Anniversaries (1-5 years)

Ah, the honeymoon stage. Here, your love feels a lot like that first vacation to the Bahamas, where you sipped on fancy cocktails and enjoyed hours of time soaking up the sun and salty air. Total paradise.

Your relationship is a little adventurous, too, like that jungle zipline ride that tested your marriage. You have zero regrets. It was a zipline. 

If you’d like to purchase a different gemstone ring for each year of your marriage, check out this wedding anniversary guide. Or, you can spend some time recovering from the wedding—and get her something truly mind-blowing for your 5th anniversary year.

jewerly gifts anniversary

Sapphire — The Five-Year Anniversary Gemstone

The sapphire stands for wisdom and good luck—two things that are essential to the success of early marriage. The sapphire is a deep blue stone treasured by royals and celebrities. It screams status, and it’s a perfect collection piece to go with her cocktail attire.

If she prefers a bright blue, consider the Ceylon sapphire.

jewerly gifts anniversary

Diamond — The Ten-Year Anniversary Stone

Some couples say the first ten years are the hardest. You have to learn to live for someone else, not just yourself. Their regular needs and habits are at the forefront of your mind, and it can be a challenge.

When you’ve made it to ten years, you know your marriage is unbreakable. This may be the perfect time to commemorate your unbreakable marriage with an unbreakable diamond. 

Diamonds are known as the hardest stone—the only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond. Diamond heart necklaces are popular ten-year anniversary gifts. You can also choose a stackable eternity ring or diamond cocktail ring to make a statement.

jewerly gifts anniversary

Pearl — The Thirty-Year Anniversary Stone

Thirty years of blissful marriage. Kudos to you for hitting the relationship jackpot. During your thirty-year anniversary, you may be experiencing a lot of life changes. Your kids are starting to find their own wings, and you’re adjusting to career shifts. Retirement age feels both closer and farther away than you ever imagined.

The pearl is the thirty-year anniversary gemstone. Whole and crushed pearls are used in many healing treatments, even skincare regimens. What’s more special about it is that it symbolizes wisdom gained through time and experience.

For this special anniversary, go all out with a matching pearl necklace, earrings, and bracelet set.

jewerly gifts anniversary

Ruby — The Forty-Year Anniversary Gemstone

You’ve joined the ranks of marriage nobility. At this point, your marriage no longer centers around building a family or keeping your crazy life and jobs afloat. It’s just you: two best friends who have made it through the greatest ups and downs of life—and come out stronger for it.

Enjoy these years to the fullest. You’ll grow closer than you ever thought imaginable.

The ruby is a stone typically worn by royals and nobles. It was prized by famous kings and queens. A quick Google search will give you all the inspiration you need for a custom ruby necklace. To get started, check out the stunning ruby necklaces and tiaras worn by Queen Elizabeth.

jewerly gifts anniversary

Gold — The Fifty-Year Anniversary Precious Metal

A fifty-year anniversary deserves only the most precious metal. Gold is treasured by almost every culture around the world. From the beginning of history, this precious metal has held together civilizations and become the driving force behind wars and trade deals.

You can purchase solid gold rings, necklaces, and bracelets, but we recommend including a diamond or gemstone in the design for extra brilliance.

jewerly gifts anniversary

The Essentials of a Curated Jewelry Box

Anniversary gifts are about both commemorating time together and building a jewelry collection. With curated jewelry pieces, you’ll be the subject of endless compliments and stun at any party. And, you’ll be able to pass down valuable heirlooms to daughters and granddaughters.

Maybe some of your good marriage luck will rub off on them!

Whatever anniversary year you’re celebrating, we’re celebrating with you. May your love continue with nobility, strength, wisdom, and all the good luck believed to hide in these gemstones.

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