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One product that is gaining popularity is the hibachi, a Japanese grill or heating product. Here are the top 5 products inspired by Japanese hibachi dining.

Top 5 Products that are Inspired by the Japanese Hibachi

With the rise in popularity of cooking shows and competitions, many consumers are becoming invested in the tools that they use for cooking. According to a survey by Hunter, 54% of Americans are cooking more, and 26% are actively learning more about cooking as a result of the pandemic. This has led to a diversified outlook on materials and products in the food industry. 

One product that is gaining popularity is the hibachi, a Japanese grill or heating product. Many products have sprung up in recent years that take inspiration from the hibachi, and are designed in unique and inspired ways. 

Top 5 Products Inspired by the Hibachi

1. Backyard Hibachi 

Backyard Hibachi crafts premium hibachi grills for backyard use. Unlike many grills that are inspired by the Japanese Hibachi, Backyard Hibachi’s grills are large scale, and can hold the same amount of food as the average large grill. This sets it apart from other hibachis, which are designed to be compact. 

The grills come in a variety of wood stains, as well as a torched steel grill. In addition to their custom look and finish, Backyard Hibachis are made with premium quality materials. The cooktop utilizes solid, gloss-finished wood, and the burner and grill are commercial-grade and pre-seasoned. A unique selling point of these grills is the fact that they are made in the USA, in South Louisiana. 

This range of outdoor bbq grills is designed to be versatile, where users can grill, sauté, fry, steam, sear or flambé their food. The flat top surface allows for increased versatility, and allows consumers to cook a wider range of food. Backyard Hibachi is a standout, thanks to its unique qualities, appealing aesthetic, and versatility. 

2. Everdure’s CUBE by Heston Blumenthal 

Created by esteemed chef, Heston Blumenthal, the CUBE is designed to mimic the compact and mobile style of the hibachi. 

The CUBE grills come in a variety of colors, and are designed for charcoal grilling. The grill incorporates a food-grade storage tray, a preparation board, and a porcelain enamel firebox. The grill is a good choice for traveling, as it is mobile and easy to clean. The handles are also unique, as they minimize external heat. The surface can hold six small hamburgers, and 3 medium sized steaks. It does have a relatively small surface area in comparison to the Backyard Hibachi grills. 

Everdure also has many accessories for the CUBE, but these are sold separately. 

3. Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman’s Grill

This particular hibachi is made almost completely from cast iron. This means that despite the compact size of the grill, its weight makes it less portable and easy to travel with. 

Like the CUBE, the Sportsman’s grill is designed for charcoal. In fitting with the standard size of hibachis, this grill can only hold small amounts of meat, and would be suitable for a smaller party or family. The cast iron is pre-seasoned, and can retain heat well. 

The only significant downside to this grill is that it can be difficult to figure out in the beginning. The grill has temperature control measures, and it can take some time to adjust to these, and decide what works best. Similarly, the handle is not built to hold the weight of the grill. It is quite thin.

4. Marsh Allen Kay Hibachi Charcoal Grill

This grill is more affordable than other hibachi style grills. As a result, it is important to note that the quality and materials are less premium. 

The grill includes temperature control measures, wooden handles, and adjustable cooking grids. The entire frame is made from cast iron, which is known to retain heat.

As a result of its affordable price, it is reviewed to have unstable legs, which can make heat control difficult. This grill is available on Amazon. 

5. Hinomaru Collection Shichirin Konro

This particular hibachi is designed to look and feel like the traditional hibachi. It is very affordable in comparison to other grills, and can be purchased on Amazon. 

To attain the traditional look, this grill is made using ceramic, and retains heat well as a result. It is compact and portable, and has a mesh wire grill top. It is optimized for charcoal grilling. Due to its size, it can only hold small amounts of food. This means that it is best to grill in batches with this product. 

The clay used in the grill is known to be quite soft, and the exterior is paper coated. This is as a result of its affordable price. It does not use as premium materials as Backyard Hibachi and CUBE. 

Final Thoughts

With the increased popularity of the hibachi, many brands have been inspired to make a rendition of the hibachi grill. Each brand or business has their own unique take on the hibachi, and there are ranges in affordability, offering, size and style. Hibachis like those made by Backyard Hibachi and Everdure are designed to be premium. These grills utilize the best materials, and have a variety of important selling points. There are more affordable grills available, but it is important to recognize that these grills may not possess the same quality and durability as the more expensive ones. 

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