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Is Prince Harry about to go broke? Here’s his net worth

Bless his royal britches, it seems our prodigal prince may be in a bit of a pickle. With the lavish LA lifestyle, an interview here and a podcast deal there, it’s got us wondering: Is Prince Harry about to auction off the royal cufflinks? Surprisingly, the ‘prince harry net worth’ Google search is bubbling over. Are the Sussexes in dire straits or is this just loose change under the royal sofa? Let’s take a cheeky dive into the princely purse and find out.

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Remember, ladies and gents, this isn’t your average Joe we’re talking about. The ‘prince harry net worth’ conversation keeps getting spiced up with whispers of inheritance, potential book deals, and streaming service contracts. Harry might not be trading in the royal Bentley anytime soon, considering his share of the family fortune and Netflix bigwig handshakes.

Ahh, the Sussexes and their undying purse! These royal lovebirds are estimated to have a nest egg of a cool $5 million, spawned from their former UK employment, a dash of Duchess Meghan’s Hollywood dough, and Harry’s rather sizable inheritance. Reminder: his mom, the People’s Princess herself, left him a pretty penny.

But let’s not skip over the multi-year megadeal with Netflix – the family’s golden goose. Estimated at a whopping $100 million, even depleted by management fees and costs, it’s still a significant addition to the ‘Prince Harry net worth’ pot. You know what they say: a royal doesn’t live on bread alone. Especially not when there are streaming titan royalties on the table.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been at the center of drama since they got engaged. What does this mean for the future of their podcast?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been at the center of drama since they got engaged. What does this mean for the future of their podcast?

Ruffling feathers over finances or simply hoarding his hen’s golden eggs?

First off, this ain’t no ‘thrift shop’ scenario we’re dealing with. When you type ‘prince harry net worth’ into Google, the resulting figures bear more resemblance to a phone number than anything else. Yup, our darling prince may not clink his change, but there’s quite a bit hidden underneath those princely robes, despite all the hullabaloo about dire straits and selling royal trinkets on eBay.

It’s not just the inheritance from dear ol’ mum, or the flashy ‘Netflix dollars’ we’re talking about. Harry also pocketed a tidy sum from his ten-year stint in the British Army. Add Meghan’s ‘Suits’ success to the mix, and it’s clear that they’re neither up the creek without a paddle nor shopping at the Dollar Store.

However, la-di-da lifestyle aside, the “prince harry net worth” search also exposes a Sussex spending spree that could curl the Queen’s locks. A sprawling Montecito mansion doesn’t maintain itself, you know, nor do baby Archie’s designer rompers come cheap. Could Harry become the first royal with a GoFundMe? Only time will spill the royal tea on this one.

Is the Queen really that upset about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry naming their newborn daughter Lilibet Diana? Spilled tea? We'll clean it up.

Is the Queen really that upset about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry naming their newborn daughter Lilibet Diana? Spilled tea? We’ll clean it up.

Cards on the table – is Harry cashing in his chips?

Don’t get all in a tizzy, but this Prince’s pile of pounds is no pauper’s pittance. In fact, it’s a veritable treasure chest of coins. Tap ‘prince harry net worth’ into your search engine of choice and you’ll find a whole lotta dollar signs. We’re talking tens of millions, folks, not pocket change. Harry’s loot from the Queen Mum, the Army, Meghan’s acting cash, and that fat Netflix contract add up to a hefty royal wad.

Sure, they’ve sunk some serious dough into their stateside digs and we all know bourgeois babies don’t wear hand-me-downs. But let’s not be hasty in proclaiming Harry the next King Midas. The ‘prince harry net worth’ search yields more than enough to keep him, Meghan, and little Archie in plenty of luxury nappies for the foreseeable future.

However, this former royal soldier might be feeling a pinch in his royal coin purse. The Sussexes’ spending may have some folks clutching their pearls, especially when one considers the upkeep of their plush palace and all the trimmings of royal living. Is Harry risking a one-way ticket to Brokeville, or are the online buzz and the ‘prince harry net worth’ frenzy just much ado about nothing? Keep watching this space for the whole saga!

DUBBO, AUSTRALIA – OCTOBER 17: Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex attend a naming and unveiling ceremony for the new Royal Flying Doctor Service aircraft at Dubbo Airport on October 17, 2018 in Dubbo, Australia. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are on their official 16-day Autumn tour visiting cities in Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand. (Photo by Dominic Lipinski – Pool/Getty Images)

Not just another handsome prince tale

The ‘prince harry net worth’ saga is pure gold, a gritty fairy tale infused with pathos and pomp, drama and dollars. Sweating over any royal financial troubles? Don’t! Sure, the Sussexes have a deluxe lifestyle that makes our binged brunches look like bread and butter, but their bank account’s anything but barren. Stay tuned for the next royally entertaining installment, folks. We’re sure it’ll be worth every penny.

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