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New interior home trends for home in 2023

Interior design is a dynamic field that is constantly evolving, with new trends and styles emerging all the time. 

In 2023, a number of trends are becoming increasingly popular, from using natural materials and earth tones to incorporating biophilic design and sustainability. 

These trends are shaping the way we think about interior design, helping to create spaces that are both beautiful and functional. 

Whether you want to update a single room in your home or renovate your entire living space, understanding these trends can help you create a look that is both contemporary and timeless. 

So, how can you transform your home in 2023? 

Wallpaper makes a comeback 

2023 also sees the big comeback of wallpaper. Out of fashion for the past few years, manufacturers are now offering increasingly trendy and modern designs that can be used in all rooms, even damp ones. 

This year, you can choose a sublime aquatic wallpaper to decorate your bathroom or kitchen, or a pretty black and white wallpaper for a section of wall in your bedroom or living room. 

Velvet is in this year 

If you like playing with materials to decorate your home, you’re in for a treat! The must-have material for the new 2023 decorating trends is velvet. Often perceived as old-fashioned, velvet is making its way into the trends and into our homes. 

Both soft and retro, velvet is rooted in both a vintage and modern spirit. You can buy a velvet sofa or find it on accessories such as lamps or wall hooks!

Bring roundness to your interior 

We’ve seen that geometric patterns are all the rage. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of roundness in your home! 

Firstly, it allows you to channel the dynamism of the lines. Secondly, having rounded corners in your home will help to create a Feng Shui atmosphere

The general idea is to create a balance between energy and calm in your home, so use furniture with rounded edges and mirrors to do that. 

Curves that soften the angles 

Curves reaffirm the desire for absolute comfort, in contrast to the sharp lines of the 80s. 

Sofas, armchairs, ottomans, and other living room furniture are shaped to suit the growing desire for softness in everyday life. More than a stylistic fad, it’s a necessity, built as a bulwark against external agitation. 

With sophistication and a touch of humor, the season’s key pieces once again borrow from the vocabulary of the Seventies to combine non-conformism with the quest for almost absolute well-being at home. 

Glass in all its states 

Striped or tempered, colored or neutral, in 2023 glass is just waiting to be contemplated. 

Long relegated to the status of “out of fashion” material, glass is once again daring to impose its elegant transparency on furniture. 

Both technically and aesthetically, it has been brought back to the fore by established designers. 

In the form of a cupboard front or a coffee table-top, accompanied by other eighties features, glass proves that it is not fragile, but incredibly delicate, to sublimate decorations in search of singular purity. 

The sconce is an essential wall decoration 

Every year, designer wall lights become more and more indispensable in interiors. For the coming seasons, the technique used is based on authenticity combined with modernity.

In gypsum or ceramic, the wall lights celebrate the beauty of the gesture and the material used, presenting increasingly graphic shapes with a purity enhanced by the whiteness of the material. 

Architecture applied to furniture 

Architecture is a source of inspiration for designers more than ever before. It has already become a fascinating leitmotif in a wide range of wall coverings. 

Living room furniture, in particular, loves to display these lines of functional purity, interwoven like a construction game of unrelenting rigor. 

Coffee tables, bookshelves, and console tables are all examples of this fantastic aesthetic, which is sometimes populated by strange references to iconic buildings from the history of architecture. 

With its new “Abstract” furniture collection and a series of objects freely inspired by legendary architecture, the Belgian brand Ethnicraft is the best expression of this major trend. 

Furniture in (bright) green 

At the forefront of the chromatic wave unleashed by the color block movement, bright green is shaking up the current palette to inject a healthy dose of modernity into spaces that dare to embrace it. 

If green and its variations are among the most indestructible of successful decors, its extravagant version, at the crossroads of sour apple and fresh grass, is trading in its status as an anecdotal underdog for that of the season’s star color. 

Spotted on tables by Valerie Objects and Studio Visser & Meijwaard, chairs by Bouclair, this highly saturated green is all the more brilliant on lacquered surfaces. 

Intense colors warm up the decor 

As if to counterbalance the renewed interest in a sharp, bold palette, deep, old-fashioned hues are a breath of fresh air in interiors. 

Pantone’s choice of Color of the Year 2023 is not without influence on this promising success.

The trendsetter’s choice of Viva Magenta opens the door to carmine hues with an enveloping charisma. What’s on the agenda? Crimson red, deep orange, deep burgundy or even intense brown, boldly used on sofas and chairs. Extra visual comfort guaranteed. 

Decoration catches the wave 

As if to round off the corners, this season’s decorative stars are exploring a repertoire of soft, even regressive shapes to navigate repetitive curves. 

Instantly recognizable, these undulating waves create a tidal wave of good vibes in the decor. 

From the chairs designed to the table legs signed by Bouclair and the curvaceous iron floor lamp by the same brand, these new items evoke an original score that has been a little more defined in recent seasons. But the year 2023 enriches them with an extra fluidity that is sure to leave its mark. 

In conclusion, the trends in interior design for 2023 are diverse and varied. Want more ideas about all these trends? Click here.

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