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Want to improve the air quality of your home? Take notes and learn more about why it's so important for you to insulate your attic!

Crucial Reasons to Insulate Your Attic – Useful Benefits to Consider

Your attic has more role to play than merely storing belongings. It gets designed to offer a secure barrier for your house from humidity, cold, and heat. However, in order for the top space of your residence to do its desired job, it is essential to insulate your attic. 

Are you in two minds about it? If yes, then you should consider the benefits listed below.

insulate your attic

1. Reduces utility bills

Cooling and heating lead to 50% to 70% of the energy used in American houses. And in case your house is under-insulated or uninsulated, you will get extra cash for trying to keep a comfortable temperature. 

Are you thinking of the amount you can save when you insulate your attic? The Environmental Protection Agency says that you can save almost 15% on cooling and heating costs by sealing your house and insulating the floors, attics, and crawl space. 

The amount you will save depends on various aspects, including the family’s lifestyle, the heating system type, and the home design. However, the savings will be more. For instance, an average homeowner can save as much as $780 annually. To know more about it, you can contact Stellrr Insulation & Spray Foam about attic insulation.

insulate your attic

2. A secured home structure

Insulating the attic can avert any gradual damage that can happen to your house from moisture and heat. It can prevent water vapor from getting in and eroding the walls. Additionally, it can also reduce the heat build-up in the attic, resulting in shingles to the roof cracking and swell or plywood on the deck to get softened. 

It further prevents the formation of ice dams when the melting snow gets frozen on the edge of the roof. Attic insulation can further avert mold development, which occurs in cool areas. It stops all these by resolving the impact of condensation.

insulate your attic

3. Improved indoor air quality

The other pollutants like mildew, dirt, mold, and dust might make their way to your house via air leaks due to poor insulation. And with time, such airborne toxins that gather in your home can sacrifice indoor air quality. 

Hence, insulating the attic can avert these pollutants from pervading through your house, enabling your family to breathe easily and stay in a clean environment. Additionally, you can install new insulation that can remove the pollutants in your former insulation.

insulate your attic

4. Improved indoor contact

Heat will flow from a cool to a warm place. Also, homes that are equipped with new-age cooling and heating systems can result in extreme fluctuation in temperatures when it gets under-insulated. It means that the residence can become cold or hot fast when the temperature alters outside. 

Also, the upper floor rooms might vary in temperature immensely from the ones on lower floors. A temperature difference of 10 or 15 degrees between the floors in the house shows that your house has less insulation. 

The majority of bedrooms in the homes in the United States are situated on the upper floor. Hence, including insulation is a favorable way to ensure that the ambiance is comfortable when the temperature is low. With this set of benefits in mind, you can always say yes to insulating your attic by an expert service provider. 

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