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Inspiring Outfits to Make You Stylish This Spring

If there is one season of the year that transitions from one season to another, it is the coming of spring. The sun began to shine again, the night was finally getting longer, and there was an inexplicable feeling in the air.

After a long, cold winter, spring 2023 trends are the ones we deserve. The sheer, delicate fabric was juxtaposed with the acme of pragmatism, the high-gloss fabric caught the eye and the gorgeous, corset-inspired waist gave a fresh feel to the silhouette of the dress. Bold prints are making a comeback, such as floral, animal, and geometric patterns. These prints add playfulness and pizzazz to any outfit and can be worn formally or casually with ease.

Spring is here, so it’s time to update your wardrobe with the latest fashion trends! Gone are the days of wearing layers and layers of clothing, and now it’s time for a fashion renaissance. This year, consider incorporating seven must-have trends into your outfit. Dress like spring to refresh your look and embrace the season in style.

Maxi skirts

Miniskirts are out in the sun. But now it’s time for the maxi dress to shine – denim maxi, to be specific. They were everywhere on the streets at this month’s New York Fashion Week. Then they showed their true versatility. Edgy, boho, minimal – no matter what you think your style is, you can make a jean maxi dress work for you. Even with just a white ribbed tank top and sandals, this is a striking piece that doesn’t require much else to make it look beautiful. You can find all the maxi skirt styles you like at Nordstrom.

Stunning floral pattern dresses

Unleash your inner garden goddess with a beautiful floral print dress this spring. Available in a kaleidoscope of vibrant and interesting patterns, these are the perfect way to add pop color and personality to your wardrobe.

Dots for days

Yes, polka dots are totally in. So get ready to break out the happy print and fully embrace the polka dot life. Your polka dots don’t have to be directly on your face, either. They can be subtle, neutral, tiny, asymmetrical, minimalist, or even futuristic graphic dots.

Drop waists dress

If you’re into 2022’s Bridgetonesque throwback, you might consider drop waists dress as its newest sibling. The low waist has the effect of a corset and is a very flattering silhouette, and we wonder why we stopped wearing it in the first place. Since the waistband falls just above your hips, it can elongate your torso and make you look super shapely, especially when paired with a loose, flowing bottom skirt.

Classic White Shirt

When we plan our wardrobes for fall and winter, we often think about sewing clothes that fit well. But this year, tailored pieces like suit jackets, button-up shirts, and pants are the trend for spring.

You can’t go wrong with adding a crisp white shirt to your wardrobe. It will become a must-have item because you can wear it with trousers, skirts, tailored shorts, or even open as a light jacket. If white doesn’t suit you, go for another solid color, like cream, navy, or black at Nasty Gal. Choose the color that works better with the clothes in your closet and makes you charming in spring. It is recommended to buy clothes in bulk since this retailer usually offers great coupons and deals for their items.

Crop tops

Crop tops are an easy way to update your wardrobe for the upcoming spring season. This trend is perfect for those who want to show off a little belly and make a statement.

When it comes to crop tops, there’s something for everyone: from simple tees to more detailed styles, such as ones with prints, embroidery, beading, or ruffles. Crop tops can be worn with anything in your closet, from high-waisted jeans to skirts to bike shorts.

Adidas Gazelle

After watching season after season of chunky sneakers, low-top retro soccer sneakers have come into vogue, especially recently the Adidas Gazelle, which Harry Styles often wear. It gives a more minimalist, sporty feel to the outfit.

Stars love Gazelle as much now as they ever did. The sneaker has been reissued and updated with softer fabrics, new colors, and more emphasis on fashion over performance details. In addition to Gucci, some high-profile collaborations have made them mainstream: Mastermind, Noah, and Supreme, for example.

The low profile and array color make them easy to work with rotating. They feel super sporty,  which makes them an especially good pair of shoes with a suit,  just like Brad Pitt has been doing. You can also wear it sporty and with your favorite leggings and jacket.

There are plenty of fashion trends for spring 2023 that you should try. Why not branch out and add some new style to your wardrobe? With a few classic pieces, you can easily make these trends your own.

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