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Indochine style apartments are always chosen by many families. The following article will help you gain more knowledge about Indochine style condo interior design Singapore.

Learn about condo interior design Singapore in Indochine style

The beautiful Indochine style apartments are like a deep note in a melodious, romantic song. Crystallized beauty imbued with traditional quintessence along with modern colors and designs, Indochine-style condo interior design in Singapore is increasingly being loved by many families. Every little corner, the path to the highlight details is imbued with Indochine spirit to create a perfect living space for every family.

  Condo interior design Singapore in Indochine style

What is Condo interior design Singapore like?

Condo interior design Singapore is a style with a modern design direction, prioritizing soft lines, sharp tones, sometimes also very prominent by its strong distinctive colors. In this slightly oriented space, the designers will embellish a few unique details to bring the owner’s personal impression.

The colors of this Singaporean design style are often quite sharp, bold, providing a strong contrasting effect throughout the entire space. Using reflective accents, creating light colors of metal, glass, mirror, bring a very high-tech feeling throughout the Singapore interior space.

Singapore is an island nation famous in the world for its greenness and cleanliness, so every Singaporean style interior design prioritizes an open space, especially the green factor is always put on top.

The commonly used material of Singapore Design is wood that plays the main role in the house, the spaces are separated by glass panels, or mirrors to create the feeling of a much more open space. In addition, they also prioritize the use of recycled materials, which can protect the environment well.

Details of condo interior design Singapore Indochine style

The combination of 2 elegant and attractive blue – white colors is chosen as the main color throughout the spaces. The design way to expand the space, lengthen the area of ​​the house by painting the bottom 1/3 of the wall blue, the upper half keeping the original white paint color. In this way the space becomes more deep and the technique of tricking the eye makes the house appear larger.

Singapore apartment living room design

The living room has an open design, making the most of natural light, making the house much more airy. The details are simplified but not monotonous but extremely delicate. Warm soft colors make all family members feel happier when living here.

Indochine country style living room with familiar and close details in life. Raw wood material dominates the delicate living room space. The traditional style of tea table often seen in the 70s and 80s of the last century evokes nostalgia and nostalgia for the past. In tune with the nostalgic breath of the past, the TV shelf with innovative wood material makes it more beautiful. Unique dome design with push-in wall. Combining paintings with vivid nature motifs typical of Indochine style.

Outstanding on the classic background is the appearance of an earthy orange sofa that brings a modern and fresh beauty. Without losing the inherent Indochine quality, designers always know how to balance and skillfully use natural harmonious furniture. Behind the living room is a bookshelf designed extremely interesting and fancy by connecting the wooden lathe, a very familiar image in houses from the past to the present. Using traditional materials, intelligent processing gives birth to a beautiful and delicate design.

Singapore apartment living room design

Singapore apartment kitchen design

Connecting the living room is the area for the kitchen, cooking area and dining table. The kitchen cabinets are selected with two contrasting white and blue colors that look very eye-catching and impressive. Indochine patterned cement tiles are used to decorate the wall to replace the boring white wall.

Architects make the most of the space when arranging the top cabinets to optimize space efficiency and store kitchen appliances. The smart way to handle the kitchen corner instead of the square kitchen corner is difficult to stand for cooking, choose the solution to become a diamond angle that rotates the kitchen surface outwards. Thus, homeowners are convenient when cooking, the drawers are easy to use, increasing the advantage of storing things.

The dining table is located opposite the kitchen to facilitate the cooking process and decorate the family tray. The space to enjoy the meal always needs comfort and ventilation. It’s great when that space is beautified by the Indochine art piece.

Indochine accents with a green patch just enough to highlight the corner of the dining room. Awaken the space with the image of swallows, a familiar natural theme in Indochine style. Not much is needed, a little highlight is enough to make the room full of vitality and vibrancy.

Singapore apartment bedroom design

The bedroom is a place for us to rest after a long tiring day at work. With warm colors to create a feeling of relaxation, details such as the desk, bedside table, TV shelf or decorative lights are arranged in a very harmonious manner without creating a feeling of confusion. Lying on a soft bed in this space will surely make you feel as relaxed as possible.

The bedroom of the Singapore apartment has bold Indochine style and beauty. Not only is it a rest and relaxation area, the architects cleverly put in Indochine materials and the layout is extremely eye-catching, hard to criticize. Natural interior materials make full use of the bedroom space to create a feeling of lightness, closeness and harmony with nature. Bed design with soft rounded headboard. The top is decorated with an attractive metal carp painting directly attached to the wall. Create a 3D effect, a more soulful picture replacing traditional paper paintings. This is a new and exciting creation in this space.

Wardrobe combined with intelligently designed 2in1 decorative drawers. Just solve the need to preserve accessories for personal belongings, and create a space where homeowners can arbitrarily arrange decorative items according to their preferences. The dressing table has a classic design that is suitable for the homeowner’s criteria. Arrange the curtains to easily adjust the light entering the room. Green plants have a very good effect on detoxifying the bedroom. In addition, increasing oxygen gas improves sleep for homeowners.

Singapore apartment bedroom design

Condo interior design Singapore creates luxurious and gentle room spaces for every family. If you also have a need to design apartment interiors in this style, you can come to Weiken for construction support in the best way.

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