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Indian Jewelry Box Essentials for Every Diva

Do you wish to build yourself a classic jewelry trousseau featuring Indian timeless pieces? It is all about careful selection of the right Indian jewelry pieces, being true to your style quotient, and being fashion-forward. However, it is not an easy feat to achieve. Bringing about the perfect balance between unique elements of style, aesthetics, and unmatched design, and the right use of trending jewelry artifacts, is indeed a work of art. It is a major challenge if you are looking forward to buying Indian jewelry to make it a part of your unique collection.

An ethnic Indian jewelry trousseau is expected to be royal, classic, and versatile. You should own diverse jewelry pieces and styles that can be easily styled with varied outfits across multiple occasions. Keeping up with the latest Indian jewelry trends will help you make the right decisions while customizing or selecting pieces that will suit your personality and style. Let us help you peek into the latest jewelry pieces you should own.

Contemporary Jewelry Collection for Every Woman

When you own a comprehensive, contemporary jewelry collection, it helps in adding immense character as well as originality to your wardrobe. Whether you wish to select jewelry pieces for your formal look or some grand occasion, knowing what is trending and what will suit your style is crucial. Some unique styles to look out for are:


The trend of putting on anklets with ethnic wear like lehengas and sarees has been since long evergreen. You can either opt for delicate anklets sitting right above your feet (adding a unique feminine beauty to your overall look) or you can think of investing in statement anklets. You are bound to never regret it.

Are you worried about tying up anklets? Most anklets are available with a robust clasping mechanism that will allow the piece to sit perfectly on your beautiful ankles while not allowing it to fall off easily. In most cases, adorning anklets imply marital status of a woman. Still, there has been a rising trend of even unmarried girls adorning this beautiful Indian jewelry to accentuate their ethnic outfits.


The good old trend of wearing bracelets might be maintaining its low profile in the modern world of jewelry. Still, bracelet fashion is all set to make a glamorous comeback with the introduction of high-end statement pieces, layers of bracelets, and charm accessories as some of the most popular styles.

Usually, you will come across two common types of bracelets -the thicker ones (also known as Kadas) and the delicate ones. You can think of including a diverse range of both statement as well as elegant bracelets to your collection while accessorizing the same with different outfits. One of the best aspects of wearing designer bracelets is that you are given the freedom to style them with a myriad of outfit types and styles. As the modern age of fashion keeps upgrading the face of ethnic couture, you can expect the trendiest changes of all times. So is the case with bracelets -from large, plain, band-style designs to minimal & contemporary designs. The bracelet designs now have something for everyone to love and wear.


The fad of wearing designer rings will never go out of fashion -especially when it comes to uplifting your ethnic wear. The concept of wearing stylish rings is only expected to gear up -particularly with the ever-rising popularity of wearing stackable rings and cocktail rings. It is easy to observe women of all age groups sporting different kinds of rings on different fingers to impart them a fuller appearance.

Women love stacking up different styles of statement rings to impart a sense of high-end vogue. Rings indeed hold a major significance -especially when it comes to dressing up for special events like weddings or engagement parties. For engagements, couples can go through different types of wedding rings before making their big move.


The concept of using gold daisy pendant will bring into effect an eclectic mix of delicate & spiritual pieces and statement pieces. The usual types of pendants for women include talismans, charms, medallions, lockets, and amulets. Pendants also make a great gift accessory for women of all age groups when you wish to select the right style of pendant.

Usually, ethnic wear feature defined necklines. While you can wear them without neckpieces, you can still enhance the overall style with the help of statement pendants featuring beautiful embellishments. Pendants are a must-have if you love adorning ethnic wear from time to time. They are mostly designed out of exquisite gems, stones, and even pearls to bring out the best couture.


Earrings are essential Ogham Jewelry  that you can never get enough of. The latest era of earring-lovers can be observed putting on structured, bold, and geometric designs. Conventional gold earrings are expected to be witnessed again in revisited modern styles.

Studs and hoops are evergreen and famous earring variants. Some of the other earring variations that will make their presence felt in the modern era of high-end vogue will be statement chandelier earrings, earcuffs, and threaders. It is recommended to be wise while choosing the right earrings that convey their innate style to you. The antique style of traditional earrings is something you cannot do without -especially when it comes to pairing them with classic ethnic wear. You can come across interesting patterns like petal-shaped, peacocks, flowers, and so more.


A choker piece of modern necklace will sit pretty and comfortably around your neck. You should not wear them to feel uncomfortably tight on your neckline. There is a built-in mechanism in the jewelry to minimize as well as increase the size as per your comfort level.

The choker trend is quite high now. Moreover, it is only expected to rule the domain for quite a while. If you are wondering how to style a choker, you can think of styling them with diverse necklines that will work the best for you. bridesmaid bachelorette gifts


Whatever might be your innate style, you can always put on a piece of classic Indian jewelry and pair the same with your favorite ethnic wear to stand out.

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