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How To Improve Your YouTube Ads (The Easy Way)

YouTube is fast becoming the most successful social media platform in the world and Facebook is quaking in its boots. It’s already the planet’s second-largest search engine (after Google), and racks up billions of hours of views every day. And it continues to grow, even as Mark Zuckerberg’s empire shrinks

Therefore, any business that isn’t on it is missing a trick. Its advertising market is enormous. Unfortunately, though, many firms don’t successfully take advantage of all the platform has to offer. While they enjoy using it, they are not leveraging ads correctly, and that’s their downfall. 

This post is here to help. We take a look at some of the ways to improve your YouTube ads the easy way, without losing stacks of cash in the process.

improve youtube ads

Inspire Your Users To Do Something

YouTube ads are different from TV ads in one fundamental sense: on YouTube, users can actually take action. For instance, you could run an ad and then place a link that redirects audiences to your website where they can buy your products. 

Whenever you create a YouTube ad, always ask yourself, “what action do I want users to take?” For instance, you might gear your ad around: 

  • Getting them to sign up to your email list
  • Encouraging them to make a purchase
  • Offering them a better deal than what they get right now from another provider

improve youtube ads

Leverage Something Nostalgic

Don’t underestimate the power of nostalgia in marketing. While users want novel products, they also want items that remind them of “better” times in the past. 

Look for opportunities to reintroduce “blasts from the past.” Use these to drum up sales in the short-term, and then cross-sell to upgrade customers to your modern products long-term.

improve youtube ads

Use Better Music

While stock music is passable, it doesn’t do much to excite users. It sounds dull, boring, and inauthentic. On the flip side, commissioning totally original music just for your ad is usually prohibitively expensive. 

Fortunately, if you license independent royalty-free music you can take the middle road. It sounds way more interesting than stock music but doesn’t cost a fortune, like an original production.

improve youtube ads

Present Your Message In The First Five Seconds

Many YouTube advertisers naively believe that users want to watch their paid content until the end. However, that’s rarely the case. Most users mash the “skip ad” button as soon as it pops up. 

To get around this, communicate your central message in under five seconds. Then, if the user continues watching, they can learn more about your brand.

improve youtube ads

Display Your Brand Logo And Name At All Times

Most users will skip your ad after the mandatory five-second wait. Therefore, it’s a good idea to display your logo and name at all times. Even if they fail to absorb the ad’s messaging, it should still create a lasting impression in their mind. Just knowing your name can boost sales in the future as consumers may already recognize your brand. 

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