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Iconic Pictures International Takes Comedy Global

Comedy might not be the most critically acclaimed genre when it comes to film, but it may be the most enjoyable. Across the globe, audiences are able to escape from their stressful lives when laughing along with a funny movie. Kit Redding wants to make global comedy movies more accessible to international audiences, and his company, Iconic Pictures International, is putting time, money, and effort into that mission. Other studios often worry that humor won’t translate to different audiences, but Redding knows better. He and the expert team at Iconic Pictures International are ready to show the world that laughter transcends traditional boundaries with their new film, Dance Police

Iconic Pictures International represents a new approach to filmmaking. Redding founded the company with the idea of treating his studio like a startup. He strives to cultivate a relationship with his audience and make Iconic Pictures International the Blumhouse of comedy. Redding’s background makes him an ideal leader for this project. He grew up living in eleven different countries, giving him a global perspective and a unique insight into what makes people laugh around the world. Redding also has first-hand experience with data analysis, providing Iconic Pictures International with proprietary data on what appeals to comedy lovers globally. This experience also aided him in his entrepreneurial career.

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His last startup was in the mental health space and generated a 50% ROI. Hollywood has traditionally focused on creating comedy films that appeal directly to domestic audiences, missing out on 60-70% of the market and up to $28 billion in revenue. This is often due to the belief that humor does not translate well between different languages and cultures. However, Redding has a plan to dispel that notion. Iconic Pictures International uses a trademarked formula for appealing to all types of cultural humor. The company has plans to develop its own intellectual property using this formula which will range from stand-up specials to social media sketches and feature films for theatrical release. The first test of this formula comes with Dance Police, Iconic Pictures International’s first feature-length film. The buddy-cop action-comedy is set to be released soon and was created to appeal to every audience.

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Kit Redding’s international perspective is not the only thing that leads him to excel in the filmmaking space. Redding studied film at New York University and his first screenplay was a quarter-finalist in Francis Ford Coppola’s screenwriting contest. He also studied improv comedy at the Magnet Theater in New York City and has been featured on Comedy Central and NBC. But Redding is just one member of the formidable team behind Iconic Pictures International. Chief Strategy Officer William Lyman has completed three early-stage venture funds of $260 million, five IPOs, and six acquisitions. Marketing strategist Brendan Kane has led social media marketing campaigns for the likes of Jason Stratham, Taylor Swift, Rhianna, and Paramount Pictures, successfully generating $1 billion in revenue. Screenplay analyst Andrew Hilton has helped greenlight major Hollywood hits like Liar, Liar, Anchorman, and Zoolander. Together, this team has the potential to revolutionize action-comedy films.

In today’s digital world, global audiences are more connected than ever before. Iconic Pictures International plans to capitalize on this cultural shift and bring comedy to the forefront of global cinema.

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