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How To Stay Active At A Desk Job – An Honest Review By Office Depot

Rising physical rigidity and adhesive health problems are revealed as real horrors nowadays. And all credits go to the sedentary work culture. Over the past 4 decades, the percentage (around 83% globally) of desk jobs has increased significantly. This eventually brings a hammering impact on health and overall physical fitness. After all, sitting for 9 long hours has its downrights.

However, with increasing alertness on ‘work-life-fitness’ people are gradually showing sincerity in maintaining physical salubrity with their professional spaces. Because an unfit body is enough to downgrade overall productivity. In fact, people claim the average productivity per professional straight marks 60% downer due to being entrapped by a poor lifestyle. To bring a solid change, fitness junkies come up with several clever ideas, pinpointing several aspects. Office Depot soars its voice too in this resolution of staying fit at the workplace. Therefore, unveil a few smart tricks ranging from supplanting traditional workplace equipment to the overall environment. Below, a profound analysis has been carried out in this regard.

How to Stay Active At A Desk Job? 8 Clever Tips by Office Depot

When the quo is to embrace fitness at the workplace, there are myriads of ways. Starting from a little modulation of conventional office gadgets to the dynamics of the in-house atmosphere, all is needed is the mentality to accept the change and be gooey with this. Thus, we’ve imparted the tricks into two parts. One is trying out a modern-age office essentials and the second is on the behavioural changes.

Selection of The Right Furniture

Change is the key. That’s what everyone accepts from every space; be it professional or personal. Thus, it is prudent to let the professional field too, be paired with this changing dynamo. Office Depot lists and suggests a few selective sets of furniture that fit perfectly with this case.

Go for Standing Desks

Standing desks are the newest members in the realm of office furniture. The pivotal purpose of this invention is to boost cognitive performance with physical functionality. These are also called stand-and-sit desks or adjustable desks. As standing itself is an exercise which burns more than 0.7 calories per minute, standing desks corroborate to chisel one’s professional output by 46%.

Being adjustable, standing desks are designed in various types and styles. Such as Z-lifts, X-lifts, Hovers, etc. However, the ideal height of a standing desk is considered 22.6″ to 48.7″ with a width of 30”. Office Depot stocks an extravagant collection of standing desks offering vibrant functionality and styles. Shuffling a wide deck of premium brands some of the popular desks include WorkPro® Perform Desk Riser Designed by Humanscale, Realspace® Magellan 60″W Pneumatic Height-Adjustable Standing Desk, etc.

Although standing desks are open to customisation, Office Depot agrees with the principle of  “measure twice, cut once”. Thus suggests verifying and collating the needs before placing an order.

Choose Ergonomic Chairs

The name reveals itself as what ‘ergonomic’ means or serves. Likewise, the standing desks, ergonomic chairs too, aid significantly in ameliorating fitness hinges duly at work. For being adjustable and flexible, the body optimizes a symbiotic synchronization among all parts. Office Depot displays a vivid stock of such chairs in acquaintance with multifarious functionality.

Trying A Treadmill Desk

This is apparently a new concept and an impeccable choice for fitness junkies. However, practice a little more before stepping into this game. It may sound interesting but not as facile as it sounds. The reason is simple, the desk is set upon a treadmill. In case, you feel freaked to try this out, you can surely convince your boss for so.

Altering ‘So-Called’ Official Ethics Balancing Fitness with Productivity

The 9-5 job does not need to occupy the for the whole 9 hours. Don’t be an office potato. Scientists claim to have an immense impact on both personal life and professional life if relentlessly indulging in an unfit life, rife with fatigue. So, pay attention to the following suggestions if you want the promotion to be fastened.

Walk & Talk Meetings

Who said meetings had to be confined to dull conference rooms? Office Depot’s got a fresh take – walk and talk! Step outside for your next meeting and let the ideas flow with the fresh air. It’s not just about discussions; it’s about boosting creativity and getting those steps in. Your mind and body will thank you!

Break Time Bliss

Say goodbye to the dreaded slump! Office Depot wants you to embrace mini breaks every 30 minutes. Stand up, stretch it out, or take a quick lap around the office. These micro-breaks aren’t just a remedy for stiffness; they’re your secret weapon for recharging and tackling tasks with newfound energy.

Lunchtime Workouts

Lunch breaks are no longer reserved for munching on a sandwich at your desk. Office Depot encourages you to make your midday break count with a workout session. Whether it’s a speedy walk, a few desk exercises, or a yoga quickie, investing in your health during lunch will have you conquering the afternoon with a smile.

Skipping The Elevator

Forget the elevator – it’s time to take the stairs! Office Depot knows that sometimes big changes start with small steps. Literally. Climbing stairs is not only a cardio boost but also a sneaky way to strengthen those leg muscles. Make the switch, and watch your fitness level elevate, one step at a time!

Subtle Stretching While Working

Say hello to subtle stretches and exercises right at your desk. Office Depot’s got your back, literally! Incorporate desk-friendly stretches into your day – from neck swirls to seated leg lifts. These stealthy moves not only combat stiffness but also improve your posture, making you feel like a workplace warrior.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Standing Desk

Choosing the right standing desk can significantly impact your work comfort and overall productivity. Here’s a breakdown of key factors to consider when selecting a standing desk:

Adjustability: Opt for a standing desk that offers a high degree of adjustability. This includes both the desk height and the flexibility to switch between sitting and standing positions. A desk with multiple height settings allows you to personalize your workspace to suit your ergonomic needs.

Height Range:  The ideal standing desk should have a height range that accommodates both sitting and standing positions comfortably. Aim for a range between 22.6 inches to 48.7 inches to cater to users of various heights. This ensures that the desk can be customized to your specific requirements, promoting proper posture and reducing discomfort.

Weight: Consider the weight capacity of the standing desk. A sturdy desk is essential to support your work equipment, including monitors, laptops, and other accessories. Ensure that the desk can handle the weight of your work setup with ease to avoid any stability issues.

Programmability: For added convenience, look for a standing desk with programmable height settings. This feature allows you to preset your preferred sitting and standing heights, enabling you to switch between them effortlessly. Programmability is a time-saver and ensures that you maintain consistent ergonomic positions.

Movement Ease: Check the ease with which the standing desk transitions between different heights. Smooth and quiet adjustments are crucial, especially in shared workspaces, to avoid disruption. Electric or pneumatic mechanisms are popular choices for providing seamless movement.

Productivity Quotient / Functionality: Consider the overall functionality of the standing desk. Some desks come with additional features such as built-in cable management, USB ports, or even storage solutions. Evaluate your workflow and choose a desk that enhances your productivity by offering the features you find most valuable.

This was all the elementary to enjoy fitness quos even at the workspace. Be a little ethical about those practices. I am sure you surely trim the midriff fat just by being a bit more diligent.

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