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How to Match Your Shoes With Your Outfit

To achieve a full and cohesive outfit, you must properly match your shoes with the rest of your clothes. Shoes can easily make or break an outfit, so you must choose which shoes to pair with your clothes properly. Certain types of footwear can help complement the clothes you put on, making you look even better.

This article will discuss what you need to know to choose which shoes best match your outfit properly.

1. Don’t Go Overboard With Patterns or Prints

You shouldn’t wear excessive clothes with patterns or prints when creating an outfit. For instance, if you are already wearing a striped top, you should avoid wearing shoes with stripe prints. To present a piece of clothing with more emphasis, you should let it stand out by accompanying it with simpler shoes.

2. Avoid Matching Colors and Material

You should avoid matching your shoes’ color and material with your clothes. Generally, you can wear the same color, but you should choose a different material so different textures are present in your overall outfit.

For a casual outfit, wear lifestyle shoes that aren’t the same material and color as your pants and shirt to present different textures in your outfit.

3. Create a Contrasting Look

One of the best ways to pick shoes is to think about how they can create a contrast with the outfit you are wearing. When wearing a colorful and vibrant outfit, you can wear neutral shoes to help tone down the overall look. But if you are wearing simple and neutral colors for your top, you can go ahead and wear flashy and vibrant shoes to let it stand out more.

4. Match Neutrals If Unsure

If you are attempting to achieve a gorgeous look every time, you should try to integrate neutral colors, such as black, white, beige, and gray, into your outfits. These neutral colors are versatile enough to complement any outfit, so if you are unsure what shoes to wear, you can choose these colors.

When you’re struggling to find the right color to match your outfit or are in a hurry, this tip can help you find the right footwear to complete your outfit. Neutral colors are an effortless way to get an amazing outfit.

5. Wear Simple Clothes With Textured Shoes

When wearing shoes with stand-out features, you should pair them with simple clothing so that your footwear will be the main attraction to your outfit. Shoes with such features are leather, sequin, metallic, or fringe shoes. Mixing these shoes with vibrant-colored clothing may make you look like a clown. So, make sure not to go overboard with textures.

Create The Best Matching Outfit!

Overall, matching shoes with the outfit you create greatly helps enhance your overall appearance and style. If you carefully decide what footwear to wear based on factors such as color, style, texture, and material, you can choose the most appropriate pair of shoes for your outfit.


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