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How to Know if the Girl Likes You? – All Signs Revealed

The world of dating and romance is usually full of positive emotions, unforgettable events, and pleasant memories. At the very moment you meet someone special, the world seems to take on new colors and shades. You start to plan every meeting, think over every detail of your conversations, and breathe life into your everyday routine. “Love is truly a magical feeling. It can fill you with endless energy, cheer you up, and give you a sense of hope”.


Still, sometimes you may feel confused. This feeling doesn’t let you breathe freely, and enjoy a new romantic experience. You just don’t understand whether you have a future with a particular lady. Is she also into you? I hope you will find the answers to all your questions in this article.

Take Your Chance: 7 Signs a Girl is into You

It should be stated that all people are different, and it would be mistaken to compare all love stories. However, there are some common signs that a girl who appeals to you likes you back. It doesn’t matter whether you met your lady on a dating site like, or in a local cafe – I am here to help you understand what is going on between you two at last. So, the girl likes you if she 👉

1. Engages in conversations

You can be sure that the girl wants to chat with you if she engages in conversation. It means she is active, asks questions, gives extended answers, and shows a sincere interest in your life. Your communication will not look like an interview where you ask questions and she answers. Instead, you will see how she enjoys chatting with you and wants to keep talking at any time of the day or night. Also, the lady will not make you wait for the answer too long. She will take any opportunity to respond to you, even if she is really busy.

2. Initiates chatting 

Some guys may think that a girl is too shy, that’s why she doesn’t write first. But face the truth. The girl doesn’t write because she doesn’t want. Let’s take Ukrainian brides, for example. They are used to show their interest directly. Even if a girl feels a little shy or even awkward, it won’t prevent her from sending you a message. So, the lady who sincerely likes you always initiates chatting. She is not going to play any mind games. 

3. Pays you compliments

Does the girl pay you compliments and praise you often? She definitely likes you. The woman may mention your appearance, achievements, personal qualities, etc. Even if you feel that the girl tries to tease you gently – you can be sure that she is not indifferent to you. When chatting with the lady who appreciates you, a warm feeling fills every inch of your body. It is a true pleasure to understand that there is somebody who cares about you.

4. Remembers things you told

It is easy to understand whether the girl is into you – she just remembers everything you told her. Yes, it works this way. In case the lady can’t even remember when your birthday is, or what allergy you have – she would hardly ever become a nice match for you. Forgetting important facts, and minor details shows that she doesn’t care. This girl doesn’t plan to build serious relationships with you. Whether you try to do your best or show your nice sides- the result will be the same. 

5. Makes excuses to be absent

Has your girl been absent for a while? Was she too busy to chat? Well, it is not a catastrophe, in fact. You can understand that the girl cares if she makes excuses and does her best to chat as much as possible. If she disappears from time to time and comes back with no explanations – you’d better take it as a red flag. It means that she doesn’t care whether you are in her life or not. You may be just a person she has fun with sometimes, and nothing more.

6. Supports you and encourages

If the girl takes every chance to say some words of encouragement to you and displays a constant support, then I can state that she cares about you, your life, and your success. You can be sure that the lady takes your communication seriously. She is happy when you achieve your goals and is ready to support you when you don’t. At the same time, if she forgets about important events in your life and doesn’t ask you how everything has passed, it means that she is not interested in you at all. 

7. Finds common interests

When two people are into each other, they have fun together. If the girl has genuine sympathy for you, she will be attentive to your interests and find common activities you both like. She will emphasize all available commonalities every time she finds something. This way, the lady aims to show how perfectly you match each other. Also, she may even try to make your connection stronger. 

7 out 7: What to Do Next? 

I recommend you stop for a while and analyze everything. Does your communication with the girl look like that? Can you say that all seven of these signs are present? Great! My congratulations. I am sure your couple has every chance to be happy. However, do not speed up things. Let everything flow naturally. No girl likes pressure. So stay calm and build a trusty connection step by step. 

Perhaps there is something that you can do to strengthen your mutual sympathy and get to know each other better without any pressure. What about playing some games to break the ice and decrease the distance? Lucky for you, there are plenty of awesome ideas that you can find and explore. Just be sure that this is the very girl you want by your side, and who sincerely likes you back. 

Final Thoughts 

Love is what makes us stronger, inspires us, and gives a sense to our being.  When you have the right person by your side, it seems that everything is possible.  You are like a flower that had been expected rain on a hot summer day. Everything around us becomes more meaningful. That’s why it is crucial to be more picky when you start a new romance. Yes, everybody may have had unsuccessful or even negative experiences. But I encourage you to be more attentive to the girls you chat with and to not ignore possible red flags. I hope now you will easily understand whether the girl likes you, or just chat with you not to feel alone.  

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