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How to Get The Best Performance Of Your 4WD

How can you maximize your 4WD? You have tried your best but have yet to get a bang for your buck. Suppose you find yourself constantly left behind by your friends who have 4WD. Don’t fret because there are so many modifications to get optimum performance from your 4WD. 

Whether you are looking to enhance the look or performance of your ride, It all boils down to understanding what parts to look for. Upgrading your 4WD will not only make it perform better but safer as well. Here are 5 modifications that can make your vehicle deliver its best performance. 

1. Switch to Off-Road Tires 

Investing in off-road tires will make a huge difference in terms of performance. Look for muddy terrain or aggressive off-road tires, as they will deliver more traction in most off-road situations. With a large set of off-road tires, expect it to easily roll over rocks and ruts compared to the smaller ones. 

Check with your mechanic how big a set of tires your 4WD can handle. Sometimes, bigger tires can decrease power and torque. In addition, before switching to bigger wheel size, check your state road laws and an insurance company. 

2. Install a Long-Range Fuel Tank 

A long-range fuel tank can load more fuel for traveling to remote areas. Aside from that, it is much safer and is an easier alternative to help you stay off-road much longer. Long-range tanks will replace your 4WD’s stock tank resulting in an immediate increase in fuel-carrying capacity. 

Long-range fuel tanks are made from 2mm aluminum-coated cold-rolled steel for maximum strength and durability. They are highly resistant to impact damage and have anti-corrosion properties. Also, polymer plastic long-range fuel tanks are impact, chemical, UV, and fire-resistant. 

3.  Get a Suspension Upgrade 

If you want to boost the off-road capabilities of your 4WD, upgrading your suspension makes sense. Getting stronger suspensions will carry heavier loads much better and deliver better off-road performance. 

Most 4WDs will benefit from an additional 2-inch from lift suspension kit from, as it will increase ground clearance and wheel travel. This kit will allow your vehicles to take more punishment from a corrugation. Upgraded suspensions can help you through big ruts and holes. 

4. Find the Best Rear Locking Differential 

Rear locking differentials are ideal for getting your 4WD up the trail. If your vehicle comes with traction control and ABS systems, you will find a selectable locking differential most beneficial. Their advantage is that they can be switched off for street use. 

If your ride still uses the older analog 4x4s, you can use both automatic and selectable locking differentials. An automatic locking rear differential will result in some handling quirks for vehicles with a shorter wheelbase. 

5. HID or LED Off-Road Lights 

HID or LED off-road lights can make driving on trails safer. With improved lighting during these conditions, you can choose better lines and see obstacles along the road better. These lights are best installed in the front bumper to minimize glare for the driver. 

Spot beams are the best option if you like driving faster and want to see the road ahead. For wooded and twisty trails where slow speed is advisable, white flood beams are most suitable for these road conditions. Finally, for roads that combine night driving conditions and speed, driving beans is preferable as it combines the capabilities of both spot and flood lights. 

Getting The Most From Your 4WD

Whatever modification you install to your 4WD, your experience and driving style will still come to play. Extra care is still needed, especially off-road when conditions can be treacherous and will test your mettle as a driver. 

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