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Moving is stressful enough, and you wouldn't want to add lost or damaged items. To avoid these hassles, learn how to choose the right moving company.

How to Choose a Moving Company

It’s easy to choose any shipping company for your relocation needs. But did you know that more than 7,000 movers have grievances over the shippers they decide to use in the US every year? The chances are that your belongings may get lost or damaged even when you hire reliable shippers. Add the fact that they might have hidden fees, which means you may pay higher than the initial estimates.

Moving to a different location is stressful enough, and you wouldn’t want to add the possibilities of lost or damaged items. To avoid this and save yourself the hassle of spending more on damaged items, you want to learn how to choose the right moving company. 

Let’s get started!

Tips for Choosing Carriers

Search for movers with a license

One of the first thongs you need to consider when choosing movers is hiring licensed professionals, especially when you’re considering a cross-country or interstate move. Why? Movers that do not have a license issued by the federal government are not reliable since they have no DOT license number. So, before you choose to hire any movers, it’s essential you critically vet each moving company through the portal made available by the government. Alternatively, you can check through the DOT database to find a list of the best national moving companies to confirm that your choice shippers are reliable. 

But, it’s not just about being licensed by the federal government of that state. When relocating miles away from the current state, interstate shippers need to receive approval from more than the DOT because every state’s licensing requirement differs. The Public Utilities Commission also has a say on how transport companies are licensed. So, make sure to check with this department before choosing carriers. 

Follow the rule of three.

While you must know the licensing status of your shipping company, another thing to keep in mind is that moving estimates might differ. Plus, many shippers tend to have hidden fees that may increase your budget. To avoid this situation, it’s always best to ask for moving quotes from at least three different carriers. It will help you decide on which company estimates look more reliable without hidden fees and one that would best suit your budget. 

Better Business Bureau (good feedback)

Another thing you want to consider is how good their reviews are. Good feedbacks show brands’ credibility and reliability. But, here’s the thing: many shippers can post fake client reviews or testimonials on their website to convince potential customers of their move services. It’s not just about reading up testimonials from the company website. It’s about getting good feedback from a reliable source. The better Business Bureau is one reliable source that will help you find authentic post testimonials of customers while giving you detailed information of the company’s record and ratings. So, check with the BBB to verify the carrier’s track record. 

Professional accreditation check

Like the licensing, a professional accreditation check is also essential. If you’re pretty familiar with transportation services, you know they always have a long-standing membership with various trade associations. So, when you choose a moving company, verify that your movers belong to one trade association for your safety and that of your belongings. But, how do you verify their professional accreditation status? One way to choose a removal company is to contact trade associations within the state. Trade companies will always provide a membership card or approved logo for transport companies to prove they are trusted movers. To know how to choose a long-distance moving company, make sure to always check for approved stamps or membership seals.

Studying the experience of the company, what services they provide

Shippers’ experience and the services they offer also play an integral role in your choice of shippers. 

Suppose you choose to move with large items like large musical pianos, exercise and gym equipment, and fridges or specialized furniture like upholstered bed stands and a recreational kit like pool tables. In that case, you want to get a company with the right experience and experts that have the technical or specialized skills to move this home equipment. 

Most transporters often outline services they render on their company website. So, go through their highlighted services before making your choice. You’ll also find carriers that input “value-added services” on their page. This means they may offer value-adding services like cleaning, loading, unloading, and even the use of specialized moving equipment. You want to consider using these companies. 

So, depending on your needs before hiring shippers, find out their;

  • level of expertise, 
  • how long they’ve been in the transport business, 
  • the specialized services they render
  • the essential services they offer
  • their value-adding services.

Beware of red flags

The last thing to note is red flags, especially when going through the various estimates, you get from shippers. Red flag signs include:

  • Asking for upfront payment before the actual move
  • Unprofessional services
  • Showing up late for appointments
  • Lack of confidence in their skills and transportation abilities
  • Provide conventional answers to questions or can’t provide definitive answers to your questions
  • Use of rented vans rather than company trucks

All these variables only point out one thing; the moving companies are not credible or reliable. You want to find other professional transport services if you notice these signs. A reputable company will ask for upfront payment, seem less confident in their abilities, use rented vans, or show up late for appointments. They always have a high level of professionalism, evident in their services method. 


Given that there are so many moving companies in the industry today might make it challenging to choose reputable shippers. But, it also works in your favor as you have a broader range to consider. If you’re wondering how to pick a good moving company near you, consider asking for referrals from loved ones. Alternatively, try out Starkmovers transportation services. Starkmovers are interstate and intrastate shippers licensed by the DOT, are professionally accredited, don’t have any hidden fees, and offer specialized services with over 20+ years of experience in the transport industry. 

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