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How the high-end OneFriends app is improving friendships

Going from the OneFriends app’s design to the company’s website to then the way true friendship is described, there is clearly a sophisticated feel to OneFriends. But beneath the pleasant appearances, the app is serving a much more important purpose. One that could change the way we maintain friendships for the better. OneFriends has users all over the world and had achieved a Top 3 ranking on the Apple App Store Charts for Lifestyle in some regions in 2022/2023. OneFriends is led by CEO and Founder Albert Jing, with a quality team of no more than 20 people. Let’s dive into the difference OneFriends is making to friendships.


Many friendships begin spontaneously and some end without much notice given. Short-term friends and acquaintances come and go. Then there are deeper connections: real friendships or true friendships.


True friendship and high quality friendships are things that almost all people, young and old, male and female want to have but not everyone gets to realize. At the core of what defines a quality friendship is how well people bond over time; and as social creatures, we bond largely through social interactions. The more meaningful the interactions, the better the friendship can potentially be. If we use the analogy that an enduring friendship is like a beautiful house being built, then the social interactions between friends over time are like the bricks and materials used to build the house – the higher the quality of materials used, the higher the overall standard of the house and friendship. And this is where OneFriends really comes in to improve friendships.


OneFriends with a refined design, encourages close friends to see each other regularly in real life, and makes organizing these get-togethers pretty frictionless. Not only does OneFriends let us set up spontaneous or pre-planned events, but it also reminds friends when it is time to catch up per an agreed timeframe. The app doesn’t at all force us to see our friend but it does just enough, in a gentle way, to help guide us to put in the effort to organize a proper get-together. Assuming both friends are willing, a real-life meet up or enjoyable activity is nearly always so much better than simply texting or calling on the phone.


Now the strength of a friendship is obviously dependent on the specific personality, qualities and virtues or vices of the friends and how well they complement each other. This is something that no app can really help with. But if assuming between friends there’s already that common intention to be long-term real friends, then OneFriends no doubt helps set up a meaningful framework around which quality interactions can regularly take place.


Just like parting ways with a friend after a satisfying catch up or get-together, enjoying what just happened and looking forward to the next time, the reader and writer must here part ways. But the message of what’s been written could possibly carry through to the next occasion we consider how to best maintain friendships. We can all aspire to be better friends, and if a OneFriends friendship is a symbol of true friendship, then I’m more than willing to use the first and strive for the second.



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