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Home Keratin Treatment

Until recently, keratin treatment at home sounded like a joke. It was possible to achieve a good straightening result without split hair only in salons where you need to spend a decent amount of money. Thanks to modern techniques, every girl can make herself a keratin treatment for curly hair and this will in no way be inferior to the work of specialists.

Keratin works as follows it fills all the open voids in the hair structure, and with the help of hot temperature, the product coagulates, due to the protein in the composition, and forms a protective word. Thus, the hair after looks more well-groomed, straight and mirror shine.

What is in the Keratin Formula in Principle?

Keratin itself is a protein that helps restore hair. It is not enough for damaged hair and therefore it is necessary to fill the scales with an artificial protein component. But the full list is:

  • protein.
  • alanine.
  • glycine.
  • cysteine.
  • amino acid with sulfur.

The keratin procedure is further divided into beta keratin and alpha keratin. As for keratin treatment at home, the mass market has taken care of it and there are different options. From budget to professional line, which is used by specialists.

The first option for keratin at home is shampoo. It should not be used more than once a week and the composition of the protein product should be no more than 5%, otherwise you can only harm the hair.

The second option is a mask. It penetrates deeper into the hair due to the oily and dense structure, but should also be used no more than once a week. The effect of the mask is practically a course of keratin treatment for curly hair at home, which does not exceed 10 sessions. If the hair begins to break, fall out quickly you should contact a specialist who will select the keratin option according to the type of scalp and the structure of the bulbs.

Closer to the proven line of treatment is liquid keratin. Sold either in spray bottles or ampoules. Apply before styling or during combing to deeply seal the composition of the product. The disadvantage of this option is that it is difficult to keep track of the consumption of the product, and the ampoules deteriorate quickly if you leave half of the composition in it. The last suggestion is a balm. It is applied to already clean hair, which is washed with shampoo with a keratin effect. That is, it literally fixes the effect of the shampoo, protecting the hair for a longer period.

Keratin treatment for curly hair at home is an affordable analogue of the work of professionals, which cannot be replaced now. Only this procedure makes the hair healthy, stronger, and returns a pleasant and healthy shine. It also solves a common problem the electrification of curls and acts as a kind of rectifier. Therefore, you can forget about ironing dry strands.

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