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Home Insurance for Old Homes: A Beginner’s Guide

Old homes have some unique features that have become obsolete in modern homes, such as stained windows, wooden floors, Dutch doors, wood-burning fireplace, and dumbwaiters. All of these unique features make old homes fascinating to live in. Many people buy affordable old homes and then repair and refurbish them according to their desire. 

However, not many of the buyers realize that they might face insurance issues upon buying old homes. Due to their worn-out conditions, many Insurance providers require minor repairs and replacement before they agree to provide old home insurance.

If you’re searching for the homeowners insurance for 100 year-old house, then you first need to understand the basics of why your home needs insurance, its cost, and the coverages you need. 

Older homes are loved for their history and charm. Although they have plenty of positive traits, they come with plenty of problems as well. We interviewed Sara Routhier, Managing Editor and Outreach Director at Expert Insurance Reviews, to learn why old homes require special attention and care and why homeowners need to know all the facts before they decide to purchase home insurance.

Why Do Homes Need Insurance? 

All homes, despite their age, need insurance. Insurance is the commitment between you and the insurance company. Your insurance provider will provide you compensation if you face any loss, and in return, you will have to pay a monthly fee, called a premium. 

Home insurance helps you to pay for any repairs and replacements you need in your house structure. It also covers any damage you face in your home due to housebreaking, and weather conditions, such as fire, storms, rain.

Why Are Old Homes Insurance Expensive? 

Home insurance for old homes is usually more expensive than they are for new homes. This is because there are far more risks associated with old homes. Due to their wood floors, old homes are more susceptible to fire and water damage. Their stained-glass windows and dumbwaiters have become hard to replace because few people use them in newer structures. 

Another reason for the high cost of old home insurance is that they have original wiring that is more prone to insulation damage. Old home plumbing has decades of corrosion, which is hard to repair. All of these issues contribute to the high insurance cost of old homes. 

What Insurance Coverage Do You Need for Old Homes?

As an old homeowner, you need to assess your house’s condition and then determine what type of coverage you need to cover in your home insurance. Some of the coverages you need to get are:

#1: Water Backup Coverage

This coverage covers the cost of your home and personal losses due to sewer and draining water. It is the perfect coverage if your home has old piping. 

#2: Liability Coverage 

The liability coverage covers the cost of any personal injury that happened within the premise of your home or due to your home structure.

#3: Extended Repair and Replacement Coverage 

This coverage covers the cost of your home repairs and replacement even if it exceeds the cost mentioned in your insurance policy. If you choose the guaranteed repair and replacement cost, the insurance provider will reimburse you the whole cost. 

#4: Personal Property Coverage 

This coverage covers the cost of any personal belongings you may have in your house, including antique furniture, rugs, crockery, etc. 


Old homes are eye-catching due to their antique build and features. It can be difficult and costly to get your home insured. That’s why it’s vital to check Insurance Company Reviews before purchasing any home insurance plan for your old house. However, once you finally get the old home insurance, you will realise how it lessens your financial burden. 

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