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'His Secret Obsession' is a program that promises to help women find a man's heart and keep it for good. How did James Bauer find inspiration?

His Secret Obsession Reviews: Is James Bauer PDF Book Trustworthy?

Love is a wonderful thing that everyone desires to have. Women crave it as emotional beings as it completes them. Men desire to have that one person they love so as to find their greatest purpose in life. But just like many aspects in life, love can be an elusive thing. 

It might look like it has worked out, then suddenly the love fades, and the man walks away. The depressing thing is that women can never tell what is wrong with themselves as the men never pinpoint why they lost interest. His Secret Obsession is a program that promises to help women find a man’s heart and keep it for good.

What is His Secret Obsession?

His Secret Obsession is a program put together by a relationship coach called James, who has been in practice for several decades. He came up with the program when he realized that many women struggled to keep their relationships vibrant. The reason behind this is the man always ended up losing interest in them at some point. Whether the women were married or in a relationship, the men always got distant, cold, and disinterested.

The men found a way to break off unceremoniously with the women or stayed on if they couldn’t leave. Those who stayed were always distant and felt like they had left emotionally even though present physically. James found the root cause of why men leave a relationship that never had any upheaval but looked like it was doing well. Men leave because the women they are with never tap into a man’s greatest need. This is the need of feeling needed by the women they are with.

James realized that this is a primal need that every man has to be fulfilled by the woman he is with. If she does not satisfy the need to feel needed, the man feels he does not belong there. A man’s constant need will make him narrow down to this woman and settle for her simply because she sees him as her hero. Without this need satisfied, a man will always feel incomplete. He will find a reason to leave and look for someone who will fulfill his need to feel like a hero.

So James created a program that gives a step-by-step guide on how a woman can make her man know that he is her hero and she needs him in his life for good. This program promises to help women find and keep their men for themselves. It promises to help women make their men obsessed with being by their side and devoted to them.

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What to Expect

This program consists of phrases, signals, and the most powerful words Coach James has discovered and formulated over time. These catchphrases have different work dependent on the scenario at hand. 

They can sometimes spark interest in a person or cause them to start fantasizing about a future with the woman who has used that phrase on them. The program promises to give women the ability to get the love they have always craved. All they need to do is learn the phrases and powerful words that draw men in.

This program states it will allow women to finally find love, keep the flame burning every day, and even draw those who have left-back. It all depends on what a woman wants. But the promise of love is the greatest thing a woman could ever desire from a man.

How His Secret Obsession Works

The program works by using catchphrases that trigger a man’s hero instinct. This hero instinct gives them the desire to be present for the person who has used those phrases. The author of this program has placed several such phrases on the website as examples. One of the examples is the glimpse phrase, which is a phrase that gives the man a glimpse of what to expect. It whets his appetite, knowing he might discover more of what the woman has hinted on.

The next phrase that will draw a man intensely to a woman is the fascination signal. This signal has a man craving to be near a woman as they find them irresistible. It keeps the man interested as he finds the woman extremely fascinating. This signal works for women who have had men losing interest in them after the first few encounters.

Another signal that works wonderfully well is the silent actions signal. When taught this signal, a woman gets the ability to draw the attention of a man so intensely that she will have him trying to get her attention in every possible way. This signal gets the man craving to attract the woman in.

A woman can also use the damsel in distress signals. This signal shows the man that the woman is in dire need of him. His protective instincts will kick in so that he can be there for her. He will crave to supply her need for him and make certain she is well satisfied. A woman also gets to learn the x-ray question that allows her to get into her man’s head to know what he desires for her and the relationship they have. It will help her see where he wants to be with her to understand how to proceed from there.

A woman can also learn how to get an ex back with the ex back signal. This signal uses 12 secret words to draw the man’s attention, so much so that he gets back with the lady. These words bring the hero instinct to the fore and make the man feel like the woman needs only him to survive. 

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Using His Secret Obsession

His Secret Obsession is a downloadable program that anyone can access the moment they purchase it. They get full access to the program and choose how fast they want to go through it. They can work slowly through the signals and messages or take a crash course and finish it within a day. It all depends on the client. The proprietor of the program advises that the user takes their time to learn and practice a few methods at a time to see how each method works individually.

Frequency of Use: This program does not have a limit on how much someone can use it. The different methods have their different circumstances where someone can use them, but the program can be read and actualized anytime a user chooses to,

Safety: This program has been developed over a long time following the experience of James, the relationship coach. It seeks to help women find and keep love without any harm coming upon them or the people they use these methods. All it takes is learning the methods that draw a man to a woman and what keeps him by her side.

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His Secret Obsession Benefits

His Secret Obsession offers women a chance to have and keep love. It helps them understand that they don’t have anything wrong with themselves but never got to meet the need a man always has to feel needed.

The program raises a woman’s self-esteem when she finally realizes that relationships can work and she can have and keep love. It also helps a woman find the power she has within herself to attract men to herself.


The program costs only $47. Paying the program allows the user to access and download the program and begin using it quickly. This payment is a one-time fee that gives the user lifetime access to these methodologies developed over time by a certified relationship coach. They help a woman develop her ability to relate romantically with a man.

Refund Policy

The program’s author promises that the program will work for every woman who chooses to purchase and use it. He gives an option of refunding the full amount to whichever user feels the program did not work for them after 60 days of use. However, he says that the client can still keep the program even after the refund so that it might help them later.

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How fast will a person get the program after purchase?

The program becomes accessible to the buyer immediately after they pay for it. They can access the download page where they download the full program.

Is there a recurring monthly charge for using the program?

The program has a one-time payment of $47. It does not have any recurring monthly usage fee.

How fast should one expect results after using the program?

The program has different facets to it, used in different circumstances. While some aspects of the program work instantaneously, others take a few weeks as the responses mature and bear fruit. Love in itself takes some bit of time to develop.

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Love is a beautiful thing to have in one’s life. If there is something a person could use besides potions and charms to get and keep the person they love, they will use it. His Secret Obsession promises to be that secret ingredient to include in one’s arsenal to get and keep love.

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