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Is your hair thinning or balding? Wigs not helping anymore and you don't know what to do? Ask your stylist if installing a hair topper is right for you!

The benefits of wearing hair toppers

For many women dealing with hair loss, the level of balding or thinning can be so severe that they have to shave their hair off and wear a full cap wig. For others, they may have a full head of hair only for certain areas to be thinning, balding or present with bald spots or bald patches. In these cases, wigs for women are not ideal.

Instead, human hair toppers are a much better solution. This post will look at some of the benefits of wearing hair toppers which should hopefully convince you to start investing in your first one.

hair toppers

Conceal hair loss, thinning or balding hair

The main benefit of women’s hair toppers — which are also known as wiglets or mini wigs — is that they conceal thinning or balding hair. Rather than replacing your entire head with a new batch of hair, you are only using a hair topper to cover certain areas of your hair, mainly at the top of the head.

Have a bald spot near your crown area? Hair toppers will conceal it. Have thinning near your front hairline area? Hair toppers come to the rescue once again by providing more hair volume.

You don’t need to shave your entire head off or style your natural hair a certain way before you install a hair topper as is the case with wigs. That in itself is a big benefit for women not looking to drastically change their appearance or spend too much time with styling and maintenance.

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Hair toppers are also extremely natural-looking. This is because as aforementioned, they are meant to complement your existing hair rather than replace it.

And so, if blended and styled properly, it will not only look like your natural hair — which means nobody will notice you’re wearing a hair system in the first place — but your hair could look even better as well. It’s a win-win situation.

And if you’re looking to spice your hair or look up, you can even get some colored hair toppers for some glamorous highlights added to your natural hair.

hair toppers

More comfortable

Hair toppers are some of the most comfortable hair systems for women out there and it makes sense if you think about it. Hair toppers are usually very small with circumferences as small as 2.5’’x1.5’’ and hair lengths as small as 6’’.

As a result, they are not only much more lightweight than hair extensions or women’s wigs but also more comfortable as a result. You won’t feel any added weight on your head nor will you have to worry about any potential headaches when you’re wearing a human hair topper.

In fact, you won’t feel much at all which is essentially the goal of a hair system. And despite their size, they are pretty durable as a whole lasting from a couple of months to even a year if you’ve opted for premium human hair.

hair toppers

Affordable hair systems

When it comes to hair systems, budget is a big deciding factor for many clients. And with hair toppers, you’re in luck as they’re some of the most affordable hair systems on the market.

With wigs or extensions (especially when installation is considered), one can expect to pay upwards of $500 and sometimes, even more than $1,000 which goes beyond the budget of many individuals.

With hair toppers, however, you will likely spend in the range of $100 to $500 for a good quality one that uses real human hair. And if they are taken care of and maintained properly, you may only need one topper a year which is not a bad price to pay at all if you’re dealing with hair loss or thinning hair.

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