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Guide To Finding The Perfect Wardrobe For Your Home

Wardrobes, today, are not just for storing away personal belongings in their dark corners behind closed doors. Instead, this indispensable bedroom furniture is now increasingly becoming the style statement of a room that also offers incredible storage solutions. Coming in various sizes, materials, styles, and functionality, choosing the perfect wardrobe for your space can be overwhelming. Stress not, and get a crash course below on how to buy a wardrobe online, keeping all factors in mind.

Important Points to Consider Before Purchasing

With the thousands of options online, it can be very confusing whether to stick to the design element of a wardrobe or venture more into the storage functionality. The secret that no one tells you lies in planning your pre-purchase.

Asses Storage Needs

The primary function of a wardrobe is to store away those precious things bought and loved over the years. So before purchasing one, it is important to take a close look at existing belongings to assess potential storage needs. Consider the following:

  • Quantity of clothing and accessories
  • Types of items- long dresses, suits, shoes, etc.—to anticipate the type of storage options required, like wardrobes with hanging space, drawers, and racks.
  • Assess if there is a need for additional storage for seasonal items like winter clothes, blankets, and bed linens
  • Dimensions of the allocated space for a wardrobe in the room

Taking stock of the above is a good place to start when you are looking to buy wardrobes online in India for your home.

Wardrobe Configuration

Once you’ve taken stock of items that need to be stored, it’s easier to get clarity on the interiors of the wardrobe. Consider the following:

  • Hanging space: If you have more hanging clothes, like suits and long dresses, it is worth investing in a 2 door wardrobe dedicated to just storing clothes that need to be hung.
  • Shelves: For items like clothes, shoes, and accessories that need to be stowed away, it is best to invest in wardrobes with adjustable shelves as storage.
  • Drawers: Want some storage that can secure your precious belongings, like jewellery, with a lock? Choose a wardrobe with drawers that can secure your expensive goods neatly.
  • Organisational baskets and hooks: These smart options are best used in an engineered wardrobe without drawers as they provide additional storage solutions within shelves and hanging spaces. Neatly organise undergarments, socks, belts, and other knickknacks.
  • Wardrobe configurations also include the accessibility and functionality of the wardrobe doors. If you are looking to purchase a large 4-door wardrobe but have cramped space, it is worth looking into sliding doors that take up less space and create a modern look.


Determine the style you are looking for to match your interiors. Some of the popular styles include:

Traditional: Typically characterized by a solid wood wardrobe with ornate details in a classic design, these never go out of fashion. Traditional wardrobe styles exude elegance and sophistication that enhance the luxury factor in any room.

  • Modern: Sleek, minimalistic designs are here to stay- modern wardrobe designs feature clean lines and high-gloss finishes with minimal hardware.
  • Vintage: If retro is your style, vintage wardrobes make a great statement piece with the rich history each detailed carving holds.
  • Built-in: Designed and fitted to seamlessly blend into your room’s architecture, built-in wardrobes maximise the allocated space too.
  • Freestanding: The best of all the options in terms of flexibility and versatility, a freestanding wardrobe can be placed anywhere in the layout and comes in various styles.


There are many unique advantages to picking the right material for your wardrobe. Here are the top three materials:

  • Metal: Popular for being durable, lightweight, and offering an industrial look- metal or steel wardrobes continue to be a reliable choice. However, these are limited in style and colour options.
  • Engineered wood: Budget-friendly and abundant in designs and colours, an engineered wood wardrobe is increasingly becoming the recommended choice with premium brands like Wakefit. They are not only termite-resistant but can withstand many years of use with easy maintenance.
  • Pure wood: It’s classic; it’s timeless; and it’s heavy too! Wooden wardrobes like oak, pine, or walnut lend a warm, durable, and sturdy storage solution to your bedroom. The different and natural stains on the wood make the wardrobe unique to each purchase too.


  • Glass-fronted wardrobes: Glass-fronted wardrobes are a contemporary favourite that can make any wardrobe look unique with their glass doors. There are wardrobes without mirrors that must be added separately, though, since the wardrobe door is glass in front.
  • Mirror-fronted wardrobes: A wardrobe with mirror doors that add drama and reflect light, giving the illusion of a larger room. From an aesthetic point of view, mirror wardrobes are a great choice for smaller rooms.
  • Laminate: Laminates provide high-gloss, textured, and even matte finishes to wardrobes. While these are easy to maintain, laminates can be quite brittle, with a tendency for scratches to fall on them.
  • Lacquer: Polyurethane paint or lacquer can be applied to any material, like wood, metal, or plastic. This gives a glossy finish that can enhance any interior.

Assembly and Delivery

Brands like Wakefit offer free assembling at the time of delivery when purchasing wardrobes. This is especially useful if you are purchasing a large freestanding 3-door wardrobe for your master bedroom. Getting this assembled correctly would also secure the wardrobe and avoid any potential hazards.


Take the interior of your room a notch higher by personalizing or customizing your wardrobe. Explore the possibility of seeing your unique preferences come to life through different materials, colors, and partitions.

Consider the above factors when purchasing your perfect wardrobe. After all, it is not only the piece of furniture that safely stores your beloved belongings but is also probably the largest item in the bedroom. So why not make it the most stunning, eye-catching detail of your bedroom with seamless beauty through hinged or sliding doors? Whichever wardrobe style you choose, ensure to buy from premium and reputable brands that offer a warranty with your purchase too.

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