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Take notes on these great examples of corporate videos as your business takes on new employees and finds creative ways to show them the ropes.

Thinking of Doing a Corporate Company Video? Here Are 10 Examples of Great Corporate Videos You Can Use as Inspiration

Your company wants to tell your audience something through content or story. But you don’t want your audience to feel bored about what you’re telling them, right? You want to get their attention as much as possible, so they understand your message.

A corporate company video is one of the best and most effective ways to get your audience’s attention. This type of video showcases your company’s culture, vision, values, message, and services. Are you excited to create your corporate company video?

Here are ten examples you can use as inspiration in making your own corporate video.

corporate company video

Watermark: A Corporate Video for Protection

Watermark is a branding app where users can add watermarks and brand images they want to post online. It protects its users from having their photos used without permission.

Their company video clearly shows those who will benefit from Watermark’s services the most – professional photographers, business owners, and social media influencers. 

The video’s 2D animation style, light colors, and characters explain the message the video attempts to convey.

corporate company video

HubSpot: An Excellent Corporate Video for Growth

HubSpot is popular inbound sales and marketing platform users can use to attract visitors and leads and convert them into customers. HubSpot’s primary challenge is offering too many services to its customers.

Their corporate video shows how HubSpot can help business owners experience growth in marketing and selling their products and services to their customers in a personal way.

corporate company video

Dollar Shave Club: One of the Best Corporate Videos Out There

Dollar Shave Club, an American company headquartered in Venice, California, sells bathroom items ranging from razor blades to grooming products.

In this creative and funny video, you will see how Dollar Shave Club takes pride in its razor blades which can be delivered to your homes, and how you can save a lot by purchasing them.

corporate company video

Spotify: A Great Corporate Video for Running

Spotify is a global audio streaming brand based in Sweden that seeks to draw out people’s creativity in media and music.

This winning Spotify Running video shows how people can enjoy running while listening to music.

corporate company video

Shopify: A Memorable Corporate Video

Shopify is a multi-national eCommerce platform that hosts your online stores globally. It is the best alternative for starting and opening physical stores.

This Shopify corporate company video emphasizes good team spirit, work ethics, and environment. 

Even if Shopify almost didn’t appear in this video, it perfectly showed the power of creating high-quality corporate videos that leave a lasting impression on the audience and tell them a clear, powerful message.

corporate company video

Urban Farmers: A Great Example of Corporate Explainer Video

Urban Farmers is a German-based urban farming company that seeks to feed the growing world population fresh food in an efficient and eco-friendly way. It helps companies to grow fresh vegetables and fish to help nearby cities.

Did I just say “grow fish”?

Yes! You’ll learn about it in their company video. In this explainer video of Urban Farmers, you’ll learn how freshness, sustainability, and money shape and impact our lives.

corporate company video

Practicus: A Great Video on Business Change

Practicus is a recruitment agency based in the United Kingdom focusing on nurturing relationships with specialists and senior leaders to help people navigate change. It attempts to become the world’s most trusted change partner.

Their simple explainer video shows how Practicus is an agent of delivering change to companies to unlock their full potential. They are partners of businesses towards change.

corporate company video

Landstar: A Quality Video on a Product or Service

Landstar is a global transportation services company that focuses on logistics, especially third-party logistics (3PL). It serves the United States, Canada, and Mexico, among other countries.

This corporate video emphasizes how consumers have continually trusted the company with shipping products safely and on time. It also showcases the company’s Landstar Advantage business model.

corporate company video

Schur: A Perfect Video to Get the Audience’s Attention

Schur is the oldest family-run packaging business in the world. It has operated for more than 175 years already! The company provides perfect packaging systems through logistics, sustainable materials, and advanced technology.

Schur’s corporate company video presents the company’s sustainable bag solutions consisting of recyclable materials. It also highlights the fact that Schur advocates sustainable business practices that help brands grow and preserve the environment.

corporate company video

Rohde Nielsen: A Great Story of a Humble Company Culture

Rohde Nielsen is a company based in Denmark that operates globally as a general contractor and subcontractor. 

The company maintains its strong position as the most prominent and independent dredging contractor in Scandinavia, Northern Europe. It aims to become the most trusted partner in dredging projects globally.

In this storytelling video, Rohde Nielsen shows its customers that they are more than just heavy machinery and bolts. They are also partners for business success. Take inspiration from these ten corporate company videos to help you grow your business to greater heights!

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