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5 Tips When Looking for a Good Handyman

If you’re a householder, especially a new one, then chances are that eventually, you’ll have to work with a handyman to whittle away a lengthy list of minor home repair projects. Projects like for example installing a new door or replacing a broken tap. 

Considering your home is your most valuable asset, it’s essential to find a dependable, reliable handyman who you can trust to get the job done properly. A good and respectable handyman will come recommended, will be able to carry out excellent work at moderate rates, and, most importantly, will be considerate of you and your household.

So, if you are not sure how to find a good handyman for your home, keep reading. Below are some expert tips for finding a reliable handyman that can address your home projects the right way.

Demand Estimates From Several Handymen To Narrow Your Options 

After you’ve collected several different handymen who you believe may fit your needs, ask them to come to your house and bid on your project separately. That will enable you to compare prices and discover the rate that suits your budget the most. Also, it will provide you the possibility to meet with them in person, find out how prompt they are, and get a sense of their professional courtesy.

Take into account that there are other factors included in evaluating the offers. The lowest price will normally be the most attractive, however, you can ultimately be more willing to work with the handyman who was most expedient and most professional.

A complete, thorough bid is usually a sign of proficiency and integrity. If a handyman takes some time to estimate the cost associated with every step of your project, it demonstrates that they care about getting things done the proper way and not only receiving a paycheck.

Ensure The Handyman You’re Considering Is Insured

Handymen aren’t usually obligated to be licensed, and bonding is commonly only demanded on major housing improvement projects, such as add-ons or full renovation. Anyway, you do want to ask your handyman to show proof of holding essential handyman insurance. At least, some form of general liability insurance is fundamental.

Ensure to review your potential handyman insurance policy together with the rest of their documentation. A good handyman insurance policy will provide the contractor coverage for a minimum of $1 million per claim. When hiring a handyman, remember general liability insurance is non-negotiable, because it can protect you from being burdened with legal obligations if an accident happens on your premises.

Check If The handyman Is Ready To Sign A Detailed Written Agreement 

Once you’ve selected your potential handyman, it’s time to formulate an official agreement to close the deal. Go over your written contract with your handyman to review and confirm the basic provisions, particularly the overall time frame, approximate cost, and payment methods. Don’t sign the written contract unless you’re pleased with the conditions it sets out.

You must always demand a contract if you’re working with a particular handyman for the first time. The contract basically says that the handyman guarantees to perform a group of agreed-upon responsibilities in a predetermined time for a prearranged amount of money. A written contract can be helpful in case a conflict emerges between you and the handyman.

Check If The Handyman Can Provide A Warranty

Certain handymen offer householders the benefit of a written warranty or equivalent guarantee apart from the conditions of the official contract. That means that if your issue reappears or something goes wrong with the repair job during the stated warranty period, the handyman will return and fix that at no extra charge. If the handyman you’ve picked to work on your project provides a warranty, you can be certain that your project is in safe hands.

One-year warranties are normal for most renovation jobs or other large-scale undertakings. Warranties are a vote of confidence as much as they are a method of attracting clients. However, they are mostly useful for differentiating trustworthy contractors from unreliable ones.

Ask For A Recommendation

In the end, don’t forget to talk to your family or friends and check if they know a handyman who they would recommend. Ask them for comprehensive, honest feedback about the handyman’s overall nature and professional ethics, in addition to their performance. 

Most householders have hired outside assistance at least one time or more and will consequently be able to make a good recommendation. Getting a reference from your close ones is probably the best way to find a reliable handyman.

Final Words

Looking for a handyman sometimes feels exhausting and challenging. But, going through the steps above will pay off. In the end, you wouldn’t want a bad handyman to mess with your precious home. 

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