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The key to having a well maintained, pristine golf course is owning a top-tier mower. Get the inside scoop on how to choose the mower for your course.

Things to consider while buying a golf course mower

A clean golf course not only seems pleasing to the eyes but is also a necessity when you talk about the ease and efficiency of playing golf. And, thus anything that is equivalently important as having a golf stick and ball is Golf course maintenance equipment that can aid in the maintenance of the golf course.

But how do you pick on a mower that turns out to be functional and beneficial for your lawn clean-up? In order to help you make the right decision, we are going to share a few things that you need to keep in mind when buying a golf mower.

What factors should you consider when buying a golf mower?

Work speed

In a regular golf course with 18 holes spread around an area of 30 hectares, you may require a regular clean-up of the lawns. Also, you may be required to dedicate quite a couple of hours to complete such an errand. Thus, getting a lawnmower that can work at a fast pace and has enough power to get the work done in a quick span should be your ideal choice while picking up such a machine.

Access to replacement parts

Lawnmowers have different parts, namely rotary blades, mowing reels, etc. And, over time, there are chances that they may succumb to damages and might need a repair or replacement.

While in the former case, you can take your golf course mower to a professional to get the repairs done; but the latter may require the installation of new parts. It may cause you to run helter and skelter, looking for parts if they are not readily available in the market. Keeping in mind that prevention is better than cure, it is better to go in for a lawnmower with easy spare parts availability.

Extended usage

Golf courses are comparatively larger than a regular backyard or garden. Therefore, you cannot consider buying a mower meant for regular garden mowing purposes. So whether you are buying used golf course equipment or new one, ensure that it has more power and can be operated for an extended period compared to the regular ones.

Also, do check out for a roof over the mower and a comfortable seat so that you can mow the golf course with ease, even on a bright sunny day.

Compatibility of blades

The blade of golf course mowers is supposed to be the heart of the mowing machines. However, if they are not designed with precision and accuracy, then there are chances that they may uproot the turf of the golf course. So make sure that the blade of the machines can be operated at different settings and can adhere to the user’s requirement.

Expansion ability of blades

It’s always better to go in for a Golf course maintenance equipment that allows attachment and detachment of blades. A mower that comes with different blade options is easy to use as per the dimension of the operational area and can also make your work a lot easier. Though these variants may be a bit towards the pricey side, they are worth all your investment.

After-sale services

Apart from checking out the various features and highlights that a lawnmower offers, check out the after-sale service provided by the manufacturer and sellers. Golf course mowers are prone to suffer damages in the long run and thus may require professional assistance. Make sure that you enquire about the same before you sign the cheque.


Now since you know a few sneaky tips to keep in mind while buying a Golf course maintenance equipment, make sure that you follow the same to gain more bang for your bucks invested for the purchase.

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