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How can I make my home feel glamourous?

Many movie lovers often look at their favorite flicks for home décor inspiration. It may even be that you have recently seen something in a film that you’d like to replicate in your own home. However, some of these items may have been crafted specifically for that film, or be far too expensive for you to buy. Therefore, you may want to find other ways to make yourself feel like the main character of your own story, living in a wonderfully glamourous home.

Wall prints

Artwork can often be seen in movies as a way to denote class and luxury. However, these may often be original works of art crafted by classic artists. While you can often procure copies of these pieces, you may instead want to think about using unique imagery around your home. Photos of your family, pet, or even scenic shots from trips and holidays could easily be transformed into stylish photo prints to display in your home. Using canvas as a material can also make them look contemporary and chic while keeping the cost of these items low. You may want to consider whether to hang one larger item or several pictures in a collage style, depending on the size and shape of the intended room.

Paint finishes

The finish used within your paint could make a big difference to the appearance of your home. While matte can look quite classy, it may also be more difficult to clean. Those with children or pets may find that their walls quickly become dirty and smeared, which can detract from the look you are going for. A high gloss, however, can be a lot easier to clean, but may not have that classy appearance you are going for. Due to this, you may want to consider an eggshell finish, which can help to combine the best of the two, and still look refined on your walls. You may still want to utilise gloss on skirting boards and other woodwork, simply to protect it.


A dark home may look small and uninviting, so this may be something you wish to avoid. The fixtures and fittings used on sources of light can not only affect how much light there is, but also the feel of the room. You may want to avoid boring-looking fittings if you’re going for a glamourous appearance. However, opting for cheap or tacky-looking items can also be a bad idea. Meeting in the middle, with something that looks different yet stylish, can help you to really make a statement in each room. It can be useful to consider the materials used, as some may gather dust easier than others. Likewise, thinking about the colour scheme already in place in a room can help to narrow down your options.

A glamourous home doesn’t need to contain lots of expensive items. Instead, considering the design of the space itself, as well as some of the more seemingly minor details, can help to bring in a lot more class. 

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