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There are tons of different functional mats that can be used in the workplace. Here's a breakdown of the different types.

Types of functional mats that are used in the workplace

In the workplace, we want to make some money while doing that safely. Sometimes, certain hazards tend to threaten our safety. Harmful slips/falls are the number cause of workplace-related accidents in the US. To fight this problem, innovative mat and rug makers have redefined their products to cater to the health and safety demands of many workplaces around the world. The following ways, show five different rugs and mats are used to make workplaces safer.

1). Entrance mats

Mats are used to prevent falls, slips, and trips. People injure mostly from losing their footing and falling. This incident can be reduced with the use of standard mats. If placed strategically around the entrance and vulnerable areas, they could be saving people’s lives. Most workplace rugs and mats feature anti-slip features. You can easily get personalized mats and custom rugs with logo to help make your office entrance safer.

2). Kitchen Mats

These types of mats are used in commercial/home kitchens, restaurants, bars, and other places where food is prepared. Made with rubber, they are used to avoid trips, falls, and slips. This means that any spilt liquid or foodstuff around vulnerable areas will not be able to harm you. 

They also have drainage features to drain off special fluids and oils. The kitchen mats also come with anti-microbial features to help prevent the growth and breeding of bacteria around the kitchen area. Kitchen mats and other custom rugs with logo can also be made to be greaseproof. This way they will prevent oil and grease from making them dangerous slippery surfaces.

3). Mat used for wet areas

Businesses like gyms, hotels, hostels, restaurants, etc, that have wet areas usually use custom rugs with logo in those areas. Public swimming pools and Spas also have these special custom mats. They are usually used to absorb and drain off the water that has been spilt on the floor accidentally. Wet area rugs and mats come with special drainage and absorbent patterns to help keep all wet areas safe. It is very common for these rugs and mats to be designed in the logo and brand colour of the business facility.

4). Anti-Static rugs and mats

In offices, businesses, and stores with electronic goods, anti-static mats are usually required. These are specially produced mats/rugs which come with special features to attract off static charge present on goods. The charges get absorbed and sucked in by the mat if the good is placed on it. These way custom rugs with logos can be designed in such a way that protects items, employees, and customers from static shocks.

5). Anti-fatigue rugs and mats

Anti-fatigue rugs are used to ensure productivity and worker safety when working. They are used widely in warehouses or R&D facilities to provide comfort to workers. If workers stand for an extended time they begin to feel fatigued. 

Back/leg pain, and other discomfort due to the equal amount of weight exerted by the ground on the body. The anti-fatigue custom rugs with logo can be designed ergonomically to increase the general well-being and health of the employee. It does this by providing a cushioning effect to the feet.

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