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Indications That You Require A Fractional CMO

It will make sense to add marketing leadership to your senior team at some time in your company’s history.  You’ll need a chief marketing officer.

However, you may not be ready to add a new C-level position to your team, or the financial timing may not be perfect to bring in a high-paid executive. A fractional CMO is an excellent way to get marketing leadership at a lesser expense, commitment, and risk.

What Exactly Is A Fractional CMO?

A CMO provides professional guidance to your go-to-market strategy, executes best practices, and sets key performance indicators (KPIs) that drive revenue and growth choices.

A Fractional CMO meaning is often hired on a part-time or consulting basis to build or run your company’s marketing division.

Because of the fractional element, you have a senior marketing leader who is totally dedicated to your team but is not fully saddled with executive-level costs. 

Engagements are often lasting six months or more to ensure that both parties are fully committed to each other. Furthermore, marketing plans and activities require time to develop. Six months is a reasonable time frame to expect results.

You receive strong marketing expertise, an executive-level relationship, and an experienced leader who understands how to get things done when you hire a CMO. 

Fractional executives are not a new notion. For decades, small to medium-sized businesses have used fractional team members in the C-suite. It is usual to have a fractional CFO and CIO. The notion has now been effectively extended to your marketing function.

The Top Indicators That You May Want A Fractional CMO

Here are a few indicators that working with a fractional CMO could be a good fit for you.

Your Organization Is Not Prepared To Hire A Full-Time Marketing Executive

Perhaps you are a start-up or a small established firm in need of marketing leadership but lack the work or resources to warrant full-time hiring. For early-stage enterprises, a fractional CMO provides an economical entry point.

Your Firm Has Been Established For A Long Time, But No One Is In Charge Of Marketing

Your company’s identity and success may have been established long before the advent of sophisticated marketing channels and automation. However, as these businesses prepare for the future, marketing transformation is required to obtain access to cutting-edge ideas, tools, and methods. A fractional CMO may help late-stage businesses with marketing transformation.

You Lack Marketing Insights That Can Be Used To Guide Executive Choices

It’s a simple trap to slip into. You acquire a new website because someone thinks you need one. And you’re chasing the promise of pay-per-click advertisements. You also recruit a junior employee to oversee your social media. You also sponsor events and purchase branded merchandise. Marketing eventually feels like a massive sucking sound in your money, and for what? A fractional CMO can assist you with developing the reporting you require to make educated business choices that promote revenue and growth.

You Require A Temporary Leader Or Advisor

Perhaps you require a marketing professional to fill a vacancy fast while you perform a talent search for the ideal applicant. Or fill a vacancy while on leave. Some businesses want an outsider to examine their existing marketing team and advise them on new paths. A fractional CMO alleviates marketing demands and pain areas quickly.

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