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The tungsten rings have natural hues and blend with all kinds of attires. So, you can bet on a tungsten ring if you are yet to choose the attire.

Follow This Guide Before Buying Tungsten Wedding Bands For Men

Using the same material for buying men’s wedding rings that is appropriate for commercial aircrafts seems to be an incredible choice. However, it is just about a perception and myth you harbor about tungsten as a material. The truth is that tungsten has emerged as one of the most popular wedding materials available today and the good thing is that it is budget-friendly for those who cannot afford precious metals. 

Tungsten as a wedding band material from is all set to take the place of gold and platinum. It is considered an exceptional choice for men’s wedding rings primarily due to the durability of the material, uniqueness, and affordability. Here is what to know about tungsten as a material before buying wedding rings.

  • Tungsten is a chemical element that comes with amazing properties, such as the highest melting point and tensile strength.
  • The material is recognized for its durability and rarity.
  • The wedding rings for men are not made from pure tungsten but the compound called tungsten carbide. 
  • It is quite challenging to give shape to pure tungsten, so the carbide form is more suitable for industrial uses and for making jewelry.
  • Tungsten carbide used for manufacturing men’s wedding rings retains some of the properties of the original material making them scratch-resistant. 
  • The heat and electrical conductivity of tungsten is low. 
  • Men an easily remove wedding rings made from tungsten carbide when needed.
  • The alloy of nickel and gold cause allergy but tungsten as a material is hypoallergenic. 
  • You can come across different grades of tungsten carbide, so choosing a high-grade material is more appropriate for men’s wedding bands. 

Durability of tungsten rings

If you are yet to get a wedding ring for your man, tungsten is one of the few materials that cannot deform or bend. If you are eager to get a material for the wedding ring that can hold on to its shape, tungsten is the best choice. The ring can retain its shape even when you finger presses into something hard on the event of an accident. For men who need not take off their wedding ring during each day of work under odd circumstances, tungsten is the best material to choose. 

Resisting scratches

The men’s wedding rings are often prone to wear and tear resulting in scratches. If you work in an area where the wedding ring may be more prone to damage, the tungsten bands are more suitable. The material can resist scratch and allow you to out on the same wedding ring for several years. You can update the design of the ring if needed.\

Affordable and stylish 

The tungsten rings have natural hues and blend with all kinds of attires. So, you can bet on a tungsten ring for the groom if you are yet to choose the attire. With the tungsten wedding band, it is easy to transform the looks. You can also look forward to polishing tungsten rings to get the brightness of platinum. The rose gold and black tungsten rings are the options to choose. Finally, if you are not too keen to spend heavily for buying men’s wedding bands, try to check the Epic Bands made from titanium and choose the best option. 

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