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If you've been seeking ways to have a great first date without taking the movie and popcorn path, we've got your back! Check out these fun ideas!

Things To Do Other than Watching a Film On Your First Date

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in a relationship for a while or are just beginning to meet one another; a great date is something that we are all looking forward to. If you’ve been seeking ways to have a great date without taking the movie and popcorn path, We’ve got your back! Check out these fun ideas, then add your ideas to the list!

Find a parade and then join the parade

It’s summer, and you’re bound to be coming across a crowd of people who are celebrating something. Are they happy? Do they have face paint? Your photos of your date are sure to be hilarious.

Enjoy an underground tour of your city

Whether underground or otherwise, every city is home to many unique spots that are undiscovered or not visible by the public. Explore some of the city’s treasures.

Make sure you have your rock on

Climbing a wall will get you and your partner outside of your comfort zone and allow you to laugh for a lifetime about the moment when you were rescued halfway.

Make sure you have a guacamole-off

Your recipe is different from yours. It’s informative also… it can lead to plenty of Guacamole.

Go to a comics convention

You are wearing your favorite characters’ costumes. There’s no better test to determine compatibility than If Lex Luthor and Superman show up? Resign yourself.

You can go to an empty matinee

MST3K is the best way to get rid of whatever you’re listening to — Get an idea of the whole range of your date’s ability to communicate.

The bus stops on public transportation during rush hour

It’s enjoyable, it’s imaginative, and you may even make a few bucks.

Create a novel cocktail

Have a fun time mixing cocktails instead of getting into the bar with billions of couples on dates. You can make a difference in this world.

Escape from the room

Pay someone else to lock you in the room (wait for it to be read), which is brimming with clues. As a team, you’ll need to find the answer to open the door (or the spoiler is that you fail, and they release you regardless). Reserve two places for one and solve your game (and access to the room) by working together.

Food truck hunt

Find a five-course meal while on the move, and allow plenty of time for other romantic activities. It’s similar to modern urban hunting and gathering.


It’s a double win. You can cross off something from your bucket list while impressing your date by not peeing in your pants when you drop off the sky.

Participate during a food-related competition

Find out about your date’s food preferences by participating in whatever food-related contests are taking place. Grill Battle, Burger Beatdown… take a look together, and note their remarks to be used for future dates (should you be able to avoid this contest).

Murder mystery

Find a murder mystery dinner in your area to put those hours spent playing Clue as a child with your head of your date and add something else to your meal other than eating.

Play old video games onto the sides of the building

It’s been proven scientifically that Super Mario 3 gets a million times more enjoyable when it’s up to seven stories and is a lot more exciting than a trip to an arcade or bar. You’ll need the rental of a projector, a suitable roof, and a wall.

Visit an archery range

Archery requires a lot of concentration, which will require you to be humorous at the dinner table after. And, is this person going to be useful in an apocalyptic dystopia? It is best to know immediately.

Some light falconry

Certain people believe that traveling can reveal a person’s true character, but sharp-beaked wild animals may also be a good way to find out. Keep in mind that if you truly like something, release it. If it comes back to you and you keep it forever and… you’re finished by killing the animals living in the area.

Get dressed up, come up with amazing backstories, and chill out in an exclusive club you’ll discover

Not only will you get insights into your partner’s real goals and desires, but you could be invited to a fantastic celebration afterward.

Two words: laser tag

How romantic is it to be running screaming from one another? Nothing, that’s what. A little bit of competition and moving is the perfect way to get to a meal and get acquainted with each with a glass of wine afterward, such as how your data can be an incredibly deadly laser?

Learn to butcher in a class

Learn what the date and the insides of a pig are made from by attending the butchery class. You’ll discover if they’re vegans in secret, for instance.

Play some card games

One thing you can do is play some card games with your partner. It necessarily need not be wagering money but just a fun game of Blackjack, Craps or Teen Patti or even a game of Andar Bahar to make a fun date night.

A wedding can be ruined by crashing

Bar open, appetizers dancing, open bar — this is the ideal date that’s already planned, and all you need to do is stay cool and be reminded that “you were the bride’s friend at college.”

Read passages from books in the park

However, you’ll also need to perform the voice. It’s a chance for you to listen to your partner for a while, rather than trying to think of something new to tell them.

Cat cafe

If you happen to be in the city with one, what are you doing while reading this? Get your coffee ready for the boring date by chatting with cats.

Locate that “worst” nightclub in town, and grab drinks there

“Worst” is typically an abbreviation to mean “weird” And who wouldn’t like this? Also… beverages that come in cans.

You can volunteer at an animal sanctuary

Get two birds in two stones (not actually!) by doing something good while getting acquainted with an excellent person. Take a walk with your dog and cuddle cats to determine whether your partner is an animal lover (animals can tell).


So that is it for this article. Was this article helpful for you or not? Let us know in the comment section below.

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