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A movie-themed wedding is sure to be a blast. Here are some tips on how to make the Hollywood wedding of your dreams come true.

The Cinephiles’ Guide to Planning a Film-Themed Wedding

While it’s often said opposites attract, it’s not uncommon to see couples who share the same passions and interests.  With this in mind, couples who adore cinema may find themselves considering a film-themed wedding.

When planning a film-themed wedding you want to make sure that the event is not too silly or too weird. Friends and family members who are not movie buffs should still enjoy the affair. Your theme can be bold and fun, but it should not distract from the beauty of the special day. Try following these tips in order to make sure that you throw the best movie-themed wedding possible.

Pick One Movie or Movie Genre Only

Pick one movie or movie genre to be your theme and then stick with that theme consistently throughout the wedding planning process. Start with movie-themed save the date wedding cards and invitations. Then you can make similarly themed place cards, thank you notes, and programs for the wedding day. 

A cohesive theme is always best when planning a wedding. For example, horror movie fans might want to stick with a darker theme throughout both the wedding and the reception. Comedy fans might want to encourage improv or games during the reception.

Use Movie Quotes

There are several times throughout the wedding when you may want to utilize some of your favorite movie quotes. You may want to incorporate one or two appropriate movie quotes into your vows or into one of your speeches at the reception. Movie quotes can also be added to programs, thank you notes, and invitations. If you are having a hard time selecting a quote, try watching some of your favorite romance films for inspiration.

Don’t Forget to Make the Food Part of the Theme

There are a variety of different ways that you can make the food you serve at the reception a part of your film theme. You may want to serve dishes that were served in your favorite movie. If no food is served in the movie, you might take inspiration from ethnic cuisine related to the movie. You can also have a wedding cake made that fits your theme. Instead of a traditional wedding cake, have a baker prepare a cake inspired by your favorite movie or movie genre.

Display Framed Fake Movie Posters of the Bride and Groom

Before the wedding, the bride and groom can do a themed photo shoot where they look like movie stars. Then, you can have these images turned into realistic looking movie posters, printed, and framed to display in the reception hall. 

The poster can be made to replicate a poster from an existing movie or you can take a little bit more creative freedom. This is a fun and inexpensive project that goes great with a film themed wedding. You can even send guests home with miniature versions of the wedding poster as parting gifts.

Have the DJ Play Songs from Your Favorite Soundtracks

During the reception, it can be fun to have a DJ or cover band perform songs from your favorite movie soundtracks. You may even wish to have your wedding guests help you put together a playlist that includes all of their favorite songs from movie soundtracks as well. These song suggestions do not need to stick with the theme. Encourage guests to sing and dance along to all of their favorite hits from movies or even play “name that song.”

Whether you love drama, horror, romance, comedy, or foreign films, you can plan a cinephile wedding that will be a memorable, romantic, and fun affair. Wedding planning can be stressful and expensive. If you go through all of that effort, you should make sure it is for a day that you will enjoy. These tips can help any movie-loving couple to throw the wedding of their dreams without coming off as too silly or weird to their guests.

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