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Turkey has been riding along the world in the field of major trade industries. Being a transcontinental country it has always been bridging Southeastern Europe and Western Asia. The continuous effort to grow in the manufacturing industry has made Turkey’s number to eleventh largest by PPP. Due to this many manufacturing industries have started to opt for Turkey to establish their industrial setup. Along with different sectors of industry, the manufacturing of fasteners has been convincing in Turkey for the last few years. There is a huge number of emerging fastener suppliers in turkey. Or one can say that Turkey is now one of the hubs for the manufacturing of fasteners in the world. 

What Are Fasteners?

In easy words, a fastener is hardware equipment that is responsible for fastening two or further two objects together in such a manner that they can be dismantled without hurting the object. Some common examples of fasteners include; screws, nuts, bolts, clamps, and many more. Fasteners are made via heat treatment and cold forming.  

Fasteners have always been the holding devices that are used in our daily life both metalworking and woodworking. Some examples include the use in the automobile industry, the joining of furniture, agricultural equipment, marines, and electrical devices.

Specificity To Select Fasteners:

Some of the most important factors to be considered while choosing a fastener include: 

  1. Accessibility
  2. Weight constraint
  3. Reusability 
  4. Process of installation 
  5. Surrounding temperature 
  6. Corrosive elements 
  7. Water susceptibility

Manufacturing Fasteners: 

Due to the rise in the consumption of fasteners especially in Turkey, there are several fasteners manufacturers in Turkey but only a few industries have skilled personnel, one among these is selectron. As fasteners are holding our life together, good quality fasteners are the most important part of a standardized industry. Good quality is the key to outstanding products. 


Suppliers have always been the backbone of any industry. So in the case of fasteners, with the increasing demand and manufacturing of fasteners, the necessity for fasteners suppliers in Turkey has also been heightened. Turkey provides a massive number of suppliers across the country, who are performing extraordinarily in their respective fields.

Why choose selectron?

Selectron Fasteners was established in 1991 and has been performing well for the past 32 years. It is situated in Silivri Istanbul. This corporation has been procuring the best quality fasteners throughout the country. 

  • What makes us stand tall

It is our dedicated team of more than seventy-five highly qualified technicians, who have about twelve years of experience. 

  • The particularity of our consumers.

We have always worked on the particularity of our customers. This quality has made selectron one of the most liked fasteners companies. 

  • In house testing

Our priority is to test our manufactured goods in the QC lab designed before handing them over to our consumers. 


For a long time, Selectron has been one of the most promising and highly determined fastener manufacturing companies. Their quality assurance has some basic rules that suffice stringent control, continuous examination, and modifications according to needs. They have been the ones to use the finest quality materials for their goods.

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