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Famous 2022 Prints Trending on Apparel Fabrics

Printed Fabric has dominated the textile industry from time immemorial. Different prints and color palettes emerge each year and become a source of creative exploration.

With lockdown denting consumer behavior, self-expression is a common theme of fabric print trends.

Prints are known to be one of the mediums of expression. It can be seen as a blank canvas, ready to narrate a story. Curating prints and making them a part of a designer’s collection depends on factors like – seasons, trends, the color palette of the year, life experiences personal to the designer, and borrowing from history.

Before diving into the textile print trend of 2022, one should understand the basics of printing.  It is imperative to know how can print be incorporated into the fabric? Printed fabric comes through various processes like – weaving, digital printing, and hand painting. If the print is applied over the fabric, it is then called fashion art print. 

Raging Print Trends 2022 

Prints can be a window to the culture of civilization.  Here are some strong trends in prints that you add to your collection: 

Freshly Picked Floral Prints 

An evergreen print that gets the bumper response every season. It is a key trend of choice for high fashion brands and designers across the globe due to its versatility. A vintage palette dominates this print. The designer’s pick this season should be bigger and better, inspired by a rose garden, with a blend of Tropicana. Exotic floral couture gives your wardrobe a poetic and nostalgic tone. Through the digital route, it can add a contemporary feel to the collection.

Traditional Printed Rayon Fabrics 

Rayon fabrics are also a popular choice for prints due to their soft, silky feel and ability to showcase intricate designs. Many of the print trends mentioned above can be applied to rayon fabrics as well, such as freshly picked floral prints, animal prints, ferny foliage, and artwork prints. Rayon is also a great choice for block prints as it allows the colors and patterns to be vibrant and detailed. The drape and flow of rayon fabrics also make them a great option for kaleidoscopic and psychedelia prints, which often feature bold, swirling patterns. Overall, rayon fabrics are a versatile choice for incorporating a wide range of print trends into your collection. 

Let’s Play with Patterns: Timeless Checks, Plaids, and Houndstooth 

Checks, Houndstooth, and Plaids represent decadence, elegance, and luxury. They are classic prints and never run out of fashion. With the advent of uncertain socio-economic events, consumers are relying on prints that represent longevity and meaning, the prints that will not run out of trend. 

TV shows and streaming platforms are highlighting these royal aesthetic prints. From series such as Emily In Paris to The Crown, people are moving towards inspired clothing. Houndstooth print is widely worn by women, with just 12% ascribed to menswear, as reported by Edited

These patterns make a great addition to your office wardrobe and pair well with jeans, giving a casual look.

Into the Wild with Animal Prints

Leopard, Cheetah, and Ocelot have ruled the fashion industry for decades. But we can see tiger stripes and snake scales taking the lead this year. Along with leopard print jackets and tiger stripes on dresses, sea skin prints like sea slugs and coral reefs have also made it to the runway this year. 

The herringbone print that gets its name from the Herringbone fish’s bone structure is grabbing the limelight. It gives a classy look and makes everything look beautiful, be it overcoats or fitted pants. 

Ferny Foliage 

As the name suggests, it includes leaves, flowers, and natural patterns. It is an all-season fashion art print inspired by nature. Green is the color of the season making this a perfect go-to print. Deciduous and tropical prints are in vogue. One can pair a foliage print with monotones and you are ready for a Sunday brunch. 


In the fashion industry, it is also referred to as blurred prints. There is no right way with this pattern. Designers usually take the road less traveled with this print, that is, it compels you to think out of the box. One can see a blend of muddled florals, abstract figures, and an ombre. It is also accompanied by scribbles or doodles. 

Rugby Stripes

Stripes have always been featured in the list but this time it is different. This print is inspired by the rugby jerseys. As people are choosing preppy ensembles, the rugby stripes become the best choice. 

Kaleidoscopic Print 

Usually, a kaleidoscope is synonymous with positivity and represents an optimistic outlook. This pattern exudes a happy vibe. This print mostly comes in bright colors. It is a perfect winter print. Dresses made of this printed fabric would look good. 


Illusionary prints are making their way to the top with stone, marble, and wave patterns. This print is mostly found in womenswear. It is an evolution of the previous tie-dye classic. It has a more youthful appeal but can be dated back to 1970s psychedelia. 

Block Prints 

This print has stood the test of time. Despite the transformation that has taken place in the last few years in the textile industry, it remains exclusive. Charm, elegance, culture, and heritage are associated with block print. It adds sophistication to the collection. Some common fabric print trends under this category are – Bagh, Ajrak, Saganeri, and Dabu. 


In conclusion, the world of fashion fabrics is always evolving, and as we enter 2022, new prints and patterns are emerging as the top trends. These trends include freshly picked floral prints, traditional printed rayon fabrics, timeless checks, plaids, and houndstooth, animal prints such as tiger stripes and snake scales, ferny foliage, artwork, rugby stripes, kaleidoscopic prints, psychedelia, and block prints. 

Whether you are a designer looking to incorporate these prints into your collection or a consumer looking to update your wardrobe, the key is to stay on-trend. If you are searching for the latest prints and patterns, TradeUNO fabric store is your go-to online fabric store, offering a wide variety of fabrics that incorporate the latest trends in fashion prints.

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