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Factors to look into before buying a Heat Press Machine

A heat press machine is an electronic device that uses heat transfer processes to apply printed drawings, pictures, pastes, and other art forms to other surfaces like mugs, clothes, bags, flags, and other substrates. Temperatures, heat, and pressure are involved in carrying out the tasks.

  • Usage

Depending on the transfer applications desired, specific heat presses are bought. For instance, colored copiers like inkjet and laser printers require digital heat transfers, while plastisol is well-suited for screen-printed transfers.

In addition, flat surfaces such as cups or mugs are ideal for flat heat presses. Sometimes, customers may require combined functions; therefore, combination presses can be the best option.

  • Press Size

Buyers who desire complete-size transfers should go for presses measuring 11″ by 17″, while those interested in standard sizes can select the 8.5″ by 11″ measurements. Notably, the press’s size determines the expected surface area of the transfer.

However, newbies in the business can go for the 16″ by 20″ presses as they are fit for most transfers in the market, especially on clothing.

  • Type of Heat Press

Choosing the most suitable press style is crucial for any business in this category. The type of heat press or t shirt printing machine will set a milestone for the venture. There are two main kinds of heat presses, which have pros and cons. Clamshell types are suitable for beginners. They also require little surface area.

Despite user-friendliness and space-saving advantages, clamshells only work best with thinner substrates and may not be a better option for experienced users. On the other hand, swing-away presses have platens that do not open at sharp angles like clamshells but move from the lower one.

As a result, they are suitable for thicker substrates. Swing-away heat presses are heavier and require more floor space than clamshells.

  • Quality of the press

The quality of a heat press machine refers to a combination of several aspects. Most people believe that heavier presses have a higher rate than lighter ones. On the contrary, lighter presses enclosed with stainless steel frames are durable and easier to transport or move in the building.

Light presses with cast aluminum plates support more pressure and are strong. Therefore, determining whether the quality of the heat press is high or low is a classical question that a singular aspect cannot answer.

  • Time

All heat press machines should have a timer to check the progress of the transfer process. Auto-open machines in the category can either be manual or air automatic. The former does not work with air compressors, while the latter does. Either way, the time taken to transfer the heat on the substrates is a critical aspect of any press before buying it.

  • Customer support

Owing a heat press machine is a hazardous venture that requires consistent technical support from the supplier or manufacturer. Failure or breakdown of the device could put the enterprise in turmoil.

Timely repair of the equipment is critical for a successful business. Buyers must have full information about the necessary and reliable customer support to help resolve issues with the heat press.



Acquiring a heat press machine begins with understanding the needs and experience in handling the apparatus. This article provides information for beginners and advanced individuals in the business or hobby.


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