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Factors to consider while buying a Pressure Washer Machine

A pressure washer is a machine that uses high-pressure water spray to pull out the loose mold, paint, dust, grime, dirt, and mud from objects and surfaces such as vehicles, concrete surfaces, and buildings.

This article explains in detail pressure washing machine and the advantage that comes with them. The high-pressure jets on the rotating bar swivels when the water is emitted. It has 2 – 4 pressure jets depending on the mode and type of the pressure washer machine. Purchasing a high-quality and powerful pressure washer should be every buyer’s desire. Well, this article gives a vivid description of how to purchase one for yourself or your company.

Pressure washers are among the best and most powerful cleaning tools for heavy and light-duty jobs. However, due to the invention of various pressure washing machines, choosing the right one for your company cannot be easy. Worry no more. This article will guide you on the factors to consider while selecting the best pressure washer that meets your needs.

  • Electric vs. Gas

There are two types of pressure washers in Kenya; gas and electric pressure washers. They both operate differently. They vary in strength and speed. A hedger tool determines the difference between a gas and an electric pressure washer. The gas type produces more power, but they are louder.

At the same time, electric pressure washers are quieter and have less power than gas pressure washers. An electric pressure washer is favorable to those cleaning small surface areas. It is best for individuals who dislike gas. Due to its high pressure, the gas-pressure washer works best for big surface areas such as desks, homes, and driveways.

  • Cold water vs. Hot water

Cold water pressure washers are easier to operate as compared to hot ones. This is because cold washers are portable and rely mostly on pressure. The hot water models clean the best due to the use of hot water. The devices utilize less soap and clean faster. They are mostly used for industrial use.

  • Warranty

Before buying any pressure washer price in Kenya, ensure you know the warrant given. Some have a long warranty, while others have a short one depending on the pressure washer type.

Also, when purchasing a pressure washer, ask yourself some questions like, what does the warranty cover? Is it only the pump and engine or even the frame? In addition, a comprehensive warranty can offer peace of mind, knowing that your purchase is protected against defects or malfunctions. Reputable pressure washer repair services often offer warranties on their products, which can vary in terms of coverage and duration. When you come up with your conclusion, you can finally purchase one.

  • Power

The state of pressure washers can be determined in three ways. Pounds per square inch (PSI), gallons per minute (GPM), and the third state, which is Cleaning Units ( CU). For you to determine the best pressure washer, check on the CU. Some of the pressure washers in the CU are not indicated. You can find out by multiplying PSI by GPM. This will give you the CU.

The price of the pressure washer

This is among the best factors that should be kept in consideration. Purchase the pressure washer machine that is affordable, depending on your pocket.

Advantages of pressure washer

  1. It saves money.
  2. It saves time and energy.
  3. It prevents various damages.


To sum up, a pressure washing machine economically benefits society, and having one for yourself to taste the experience is the best decision ever. We value our customer’s feedback and look forward to hearing about your experience. Thank you. For more, visit pressure washers.





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