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Los Angeles, CA (August 11, 2022)Fabric, a new luxury real estate platform created to support sustainable architecture while providing design enthusiasts with data-driven searches with highly customized options, has launched, with an initial focus on residences in California, New York, and Colorado.

Fabric was inspired by a desire to disrupt how real estate transacts, recognize the importance of architecture within city landscapes, and ensure that architecturally significant houses are properly treated. To support this vision, Fabric donates a percentage of each transaction to the house’s original architect(s) — if no longer practicing, the commission goes to a foundation, trust or conservancy. 

While Fabric operates legally as a brokerage, this is where the similarity ends. With the goal of matching buyers with truly rare properties, Fabric delivers results through a concierge-style service and offers a new way to discover properties which results in a curated, targeted, and personalized experience for buyers and subsequently a refreshing opportunity for owners. Discerning buyers are ultimately connected with owners who are open to the right offer. 

Using an undisclosed set of data sources, Fabric has built a vetted database of thousands of $5 million-plus, architecturally superior residences throughout California’s Greater Los Angeles and the Bay Area, New York, and Colorado, with more states to follow. Built on a solid tech platform that already contains one of the largest databases of private homes in the U.S., Fabric vets houses for quality on numerous levels, chosen for their architectural merits, suitability as a home, viability as an investment, and beyond. 

There are 130 data points — including significant information on architects — that go into creating and then vetting a “Fabric Home,” resulting in the most comprehensive profile of a home available in the real estate industry. This detailed vetting process feeds into a proprietary pricing model that reflects data-specific prices for every home and when rated the property is listed within the Fabric Directory of Architecturally Significant Homes. This all-market, data-first approach opens the door to possibilities that traditional search can’t offer – including off-market sales. 

The brainchild of company co-founders Jack Byron, Chester Chipperfield, and Clare Laverty, all accomplished professionals with pedigreed backgrounds, Fabric was created as an innovative business model that benefits both the buyer and seller, enabling design-enthusiast buyers to zero in on desired properties with laser focus, including off-market residences, and assures sellers that their home’s architectural integrity will be preserved, and that privacy and discretion will always be observed. 

“We feel passionately about the preservation of architecture and placing it into the hands of custodians. And that’s what our buyers are – they are custodians of art,” explains Fabric CEO Clare Laverty, whose business acumen is derived from a decades-strong international career in marketing premier properties. 

The firm’s unique discovery process involves developing a very specific customer (buyer) profile. “The key difference between Fabric and other upscale brokerage firms is that Fabric puts the buyer in the driver’s seat.” Fabric Director of Real Estate Jack Byron. While the old-school approach is to “list the house, put it on the MLS, then invite a crowd of people to come see it,” Byron says, Fabric’s next-level methodology takes the buyer to the house. 

Fabric’s buyer presentation functions as a portfolio according to Fabric Creative Director Chester Chipperfield, a professionally trained architect. “We see it more like browsing art than searching for property,” says Chipperfield.

Finding homes built by famous architects is a Fabric specialty. The database of Fabric-rated off-market homes includes those designed by noted California architects Charles and Henry Greene, Richard Neutra, Raphael Soriano, Craig Elwood, and John Lautner.

Fabric also regularly curates the most exceptional properties currently on the market — a selection by architectural greats including residences designed by Rex Lotery, a British-born architect who built Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s inspired marital home in Trousdale Estates in Beverly Hills.  

Media Contact: Marisa Ritts at TARA, Ink.:


Media Contact: Marisa Ritts

TARA, Ink.

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