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Exporting pets from countries like Singapore can be a big challenge for a first-timer. Make travel a breeze with these pet transportation tips.

Tips for exporting pets from Singapore: Easy guidelines to follow

Traveling with your pet from one place to the other might seem like an exciting experience. In reality, the process might become stressful and overwhelming for you. And the same is applicable for your furry partner.

Are you planning to travel with or export your pet? If yes, here are a few tips that you must keep handy.

  • Get a crate

It could be your pet cat or dog, but you need to ensure that you get your pet a crate much before they start traveling. That will give time to your pet to get comfortable with the crate. You need to allow your pet to get acclimatized with it, crawl into it, and explore it in their own way. If you wish you can get a dog treat or catnip and keep it inside for your pet to explore the crate. Also, ensure that the pet crate is robust and well-ventilated.

  • Join hands with a pet relocation company

Today, you will come across a pet export company that provide excellent pet relocation service. These companies will ensure that pet gets to travel in a safe and secure environment. The company make sure that you and they adhere to all the traveling rules and regulations, so that there is no problem and your pet gets to travel safely and lands in the desired destination on time and stay safe.

  • Make arrangements for food and medications

When you are packing all the pet essentials, make sure that you also add the necessary food and medications with it. You should carry about a week’s food and the required medication considering the ailments or physical vulnerabilities that your pet has or might have while traveling. If you want, you can get an appointment with the vet and decide on the probable list of medicines that you need to carry.

  • Take steps to avert motion sickness

Similar to humans, even pets get motion sickness and can also get dehydrated when they travel. You need to know that it’s not essential to give water and food to your pet for a trip that is within eight hours. The majority of pets won’t consume anything during that time. However, if your cat’s stomach is sensitive, ensure that you don’t feed it anything within the first four hours of traveling. On the other hand, if it’s a pet dog, you can give it water and light food at regular intervals. The wet food can provide you with better hydration benefits. However, if your dog is used to a certain kind of food, it’s good to select that.

  • Attending to your pet 

Since pets express what they are going through and feeling through their movements, gestures, and the sounds they make, it’s best to keep an eye on them during the travel. They could be feeling unwell or irritated during the travel and not able to express it. Hence, it’s necessary to pay attention to them so that there is no untoward situation.

Every pet owner wants their pet to travel safely and in comfort. If you keep in mind the pointers discussed above, you can make sure that the process of pet export takes place smoothly.

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