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Tired of chemicals in your baby's food? Here's why more and more parents are trusting their little ones with European organic baby formula!

Why Parents Should Consider Buying European Organic Baby Formula

The best thing for a growing baby is breastfeeding. It provides them with nutrients that help them grow strong & healthy. However, baby formula is the next best thing when breastfeeding isn’t an option. This is where organic baby formula can help those in the nursing stage of raising a child.

It’s not hard to find baby formula these days. What can be exceptionally difficult, however, is finding organic formulas. What’s on the market tends to be saturated with dangerous chemicals that expose your baby to toxins with harmful side effects.

European formulas like HiPP formula, Holle, and Lebenswert are a safer alternative. From organic ingredients to their beneficial impact, here’s why you should consider buying European Baby Formula to keep your baby healthy!

organic baby formula


Modern debates over baby formula have parents all over the Western world seeking better ways to feed their babies. They don’t want to expose their little ones to harsh chemicals, but they don’t have breastfeeding as an option. So, they’ve been looking elsewhere.

Parents, look no further! Europe offers a plethora of options that’ll help your baby develop, grow, and eat almost better than the people feeding them. Brands like HiPP, Holle, and Lebenswert are made with all-natural ingredients.

For example, HiPP contains ingredients like skim milk, fish oil, whey protein, and vegetable oils. It’s a far cry from ingredients in Similac like sugar, rice starch, and galactooligosaccharides – whatever that is. Organic baby formula isn’t just easier to read. It’s also better for your baby.

organic baby formula


Organic baby formula provides developing babies with the necessary nutrients to do so healthily. Simply speaking, they don’t fill your baby full of strange chemicals. Being nutrient-rich, however, is only one of the many benefits of giving your baby organic European brands.

  • Highly nutritional: Among many nutrients, organic baby formulas provide Vitamin E. This in turn improves your baby’s organ functioning, red blood cell production, and can even boost their immune systems.
  • Better for mental development: Healthier forms of baby formula provide your little ones with polyunsaturated fatty acids and Omega-3 fatty acids. These are essential in decreasing their chances of developing cognitive or brain chemical challenges.

organic baby formula

  • More options: For babies with development or immune or gastral challenges, organic baby formula provides more options. You can buy formula that’s anti-reflux to make up for digestive issues or rich in nutrients that your little has issues creating on their own.
  • No synthetic ingredients or GMO’s: The best benefit of all is the lack of chemicals in your baby’s formula. Not all chemicals are dangerous. In fact, some of them may have benefits of their own. But being able to recognize ingredients as natural is always preferable to knowing they came from a lab.

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Long-distance shopping can come with high fees just from shipping alone. There’s the packaging fee then there’s tax and additional shipping costs. Looking at the prices can be daunting, especially being a parent who’s already spending money on their little one.

Purchasing organic baby formula from Europe can cost anywhere from $300 to $500 dollars, which doesn’t include tax. On the one hand, those are big numbers that may make you think twice about buying outside of your country.

On the other hand, though, each purchase comes with a 12-pack of formula. Not only are you buying in bulk, but babies take longer to process formula which makes it last longer. For the price of your baby’s health, just because it costs more doesn’t mean it’s not worth buying.

organic baby formula


Take the time to research the best organic baby formula for your little one. Maybe this road leads to buying from Europe. Maybe this means buying from a local store. Regardless, being mindful about the food your baby eats is the best way to keep them happy & healthy.

Are you considering buying European organic baby formula? Or would you rather stick to the brands available in your country? Let us know your baby feeding habits in the comments below!

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