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Should you date Eastern European women? Here are all the pros and cons about being in a relationship.

Pros & Cons of Eastern European Girlfriend: To Date Or Not To Date?

Let’s face the truth: we all believe that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence and that a neighbor’s wife (or husband) is more beautiful and charming. We all are guilty of that, our cards on the table on that matter. But there is a big ‘but’: sometimes, the grass is really greener, for some obvious or hidden reason. If we talk about people, beauty standards and other issues related to courting and dating, there are countries where girls and women are particularly attractive and ‘feminine’, and so are highly sought after as girlfriends and wives.

And it is not a big secret that girls from Eastern Europe are highly touted as very beautiful, soft and supportive. It makes them great wives and mothers, appealing and enviable partners and girlfriends. This is not to say that they are just nice dolls or toys. No. They are real people, with their characters and personalities. It is that that cultural approach and upbringing makes them the epitome of femininity and beauty that every man wants to find in his beloved one.

Let’s clarify some issues for you to get a clue where to look and what to expect if you plan to invite such a girl into your life.

  1.     When we say Eastern Europe in regard to women, we imply some particular countries.  What are they? Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Belarus. Croatia and Macedonia are more of Central Europe, for that matter.  
  2.     Russian and Ukrainian girls for marriage are known for their particular Slavic beauty, which is about softness, gentleness, delicate and feminine facial features, slender but feminine body, long hair, light skin and amazing eyes and smile. You can definitely tell a Slavic girl from any other beauty.
  3.     If you are highly interested in dating them, it is not a problem at all, since there exist a huge number of agencies and dedicated websites that list amazingly beautiful Ukrainian women for marriage or sport an array of Russian girls wanting to date a foreigner. Create an account and get stuck in awe at the trove of appealing girls.
  4.     Dating such a girl has its pros and cons. Indeed, what is a con for some can be a huge advantage for others. Everything’s relative, but better be prepared in advance.

Pros of Dating an Eastern European Girl

  1.     Beauty. They are all beautiful. No exception. In comparison to Western European or American girls, every Eastern European girl is attractive, whether due to nature or to her efforts. You can see that she is a girl from afar (no vulgarity meant here), and you start appreciating her from that afar as well. Clothes, faces or makeup, heels, hear style – they all tell ‘I am a girl and I am proud of that’.
  2.     Gentleness. These countries still live by older social patterns and girls are brought up with family and marriage in mind. The feministic views are present and women do have independence and can pursue careers, it is just the majority still values family life above all.
  3.     Family and relationships first. As said, family goes first. If they marry, they make great wives and mothers, and they do not postpone marriage for the sake of career.
  4.     Readiness for compromises. They will not try to win over you in any situation. They will be ready to ‘meet in the middle’ or to put up with less if you are equally ready for compromises and value them truly.
  5.     Support for their man. Never will they argue with you or humiliate you in public. No matter how bitter you may argue at home, for the people out there, she is your support and your trusted shoulder. She’ll stand by you. Full stop.  

Cons of Dating an Eastern European Girl

  1.     They are not career persons. She’ll be a homemaker, and you cannot expect her to bring an equal contribution to the family budget or to carve a brilliant career path. They are intelligent and can reach high career goals, but if they marry, they do it for family making.  
  2.     Since they fulfill the feminine gender roles, they expect you (quite naturally) to fulfill a male role and be the main family provider.
  3.     They pay attention to their appearances (and this is why you like them so much), but it costs money. So the expenses on cosmetics, salons and clothing will be on the list regularly.
  4.     They expect that if you suggest living together, it is you who will provide accommodation or pay rent, at least until they find a job.  If you want a stay at home wife, you will be responsible for housing and bills altogether.

So it is up to you to decide if you are ready to take such a responsibility. But if you are, you will have the most amazing girlfriend or wife, and will never regret the decision.  

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