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Hiring an estate litigation attorney is the best solution to solving estate disputes and avoiding litigations. Here's why you may need one.

4 Situations When You Should Hire an Estate Litigation Attorney

When a person dies, there is a high chance they leave a will if they have a lot of wealth and a big family. The family may be grieving, but their relationship strains may still surface. In most cases, the main issue is usually about the will and the division of property the deceased leaves behind. Trouble may arise in different cases such that the intervention of a legal expert is required. If you are facing a problem with the will or estate, consult Albertson & Davidson, LLP. They are the best in estate litigation cases and will help you navigate the situation and ensure you get what is rightfully yours. The following are situations when an estate litigation lawyer may be necessary.

  • The Deceased Did Not Leave a Will

There are situations when a person dies without writing a will, which is where most estate disputes arise. Without the will, it is difficult to prove what the deceased loved one would have wanted with their wealth. Everyone wants the largest share and the best parts of the estate. Therefore, disagreements arise, and the only remaining option is to get legal help to resolve the matter. Hiring an estate litigation lawyer is crucial if litigation is the only solution to solving the dispute.

  • The Heirs Have a Dispute with the Administrator

Administrators and executors are responsible for managing the estate for the interests of the beneficiaries. Sometimes they mismanage the assets such that they may deplete them, leaving the beneficiaries with less than the deceased left. Mismanaging the assets can take different forms, like embezzling funds from the estate, failing to pay taxes, mixing personal assets with estate assets, not acting promptly, lacking record-keeping and transparency, etc. Therefore, if the administrators or trustees are mismanaging the assets in any way, it is possible to start an estate litigation to solve the dispute.

  • Someone is Challenging the Legitimacy of the Will

It can also be a case where someone or other beneficiaries are challenging the validity of the will or their inheritance. Maybe they were not included in the will or given something different from what they wanted. In such a case, seeking the help of an estate litigation attorney is important. If the party challenging the will has a counselor, you may be disadvantaged if you don’t have one. Remember, estate issues are complex and involve a lot of complicated claims. Therefore, having the right backup is critical to protecting your interests.

  • There Are Sudden Changes in the Will

It is common for people to discuss their will before they die. That means everyone knows what goes to who once the person dies. If a change in the will was not communicated, it could mean the adjustment is a forgery or the deceased was under undue influence. It may also mean the deceased changed their will when not in their right mind. Therefore, if you think the sudden change in the will is unjustified, contact an estate litigation lawyer to navigate the issue and find a solution.

Bottom Line

Hiring an estate litigation attorney is the best solution to solving estate disputes and avoiding litigations. Lawyers have training and experience to help solve disagreements out of court. This helps preserve relationships and ensure everyone gets what they deserve and the deceased’s wishes are met.

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