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Escape rooms have been there since 2007 and are a great way to spend quality time with your family or friends.


Escape rooms have been there since 2007 and are a great way to spend quality time with your family or friends. This game initially appealed to video gamers where they were required to find the hidden clues and then successfully escape the room. Initially, the escape rooms were based on scary concepts such as haunted houses and serial killers but later on the concept diversified as they became popular all across the world. Let’s explore Escape De Facto , one of the biggest escape rooms in the USA and its storyline. 


Elaborately designed for an immersive experience and set to give you excitement-filled moments Escape Room Defacto promises you adventure. Take your family, friends, members, and co-workers with you, make your teams and set yourselves up for an amazing challenge. Escape De Facto offers two locations with two entirely different storylines, Escape Room Omaha and Escape Room Lincoln. Both of the escape rooms promise you to serve high-tech puzzles and fear and enthusiasm for solving the mystery.

Escape Room Omaha – is based on the storyline Café de Pandora where you get a group message from an unknown number being invited to a surprise dinner. You call your friends and get nowhere so you all decide to head to the mysterious dinner. You sit down and suddenly the lights go out and all doors are shut. You get another message that a bomb is placed in the restaurant and you have to disable it within the next 60 mins. Your cellphones lose signals and you are locked in a life and death situation inside. Now it’s on you how to escape alive! 

Escape Room Lincoln – has the storyline House of Things where a new family moves into your neighbourhood and invites you over dinner. You head to the dinner with a fancy wine bottle and knock on the door multiple times but no one answers. You hear some strange voices inside so out of curiosity push the door and it opens. You head inside and the door slams shut and locks by itself. You are horrified to your core and stuck inside this horror home. You have got only an hour to get out! 

Let your inner Sherlock Holmes take the best of you as you become part of this adventurous and exhilarating journey. You can celebrate your corporate parties, birthday parties, and even a wedding proposal with us here instead of having the traditional ways of celebration. 


Escape rooms are not only there to give you the experience to remember the mystery but also to strengthen the bond between your peers. From chasing the clues, sharing ideas, and increased interaction it’s all about fun, unity, and enjoyment. Escape Room Defacto offers 6 different kinds of tickets for a group of 2 to 20 people. It also offers a 25% discount from Monday till Thursday. For an experience that is unforgettable book us now 

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