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We wall want our wedding party to be special. Here are some tips on how to plan the entertainment portion of the party.

Planning for Entertainment for Your Special Wedding Party

A wedding tends to be an elaborate affair, where you have to focus on your dress, guests, food and beverage, and entertainment. Some people don’t plan much beyond reception. Even if they think, they mainly concentrate more on the menu. But the end of reception doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the party mood. 

You can keep it alive with an after-party. Some close family and friends may want to hang out late into the night to celebrate your special day. Plenty of ideas emerge in your brain. You may wonder about the change of venue, adding more food and drink options, etc. How do you manage them? 

You can achieve this in many ways. Commonly, couples either arrange for a small gathering at a different spot in the same wedding venue or drive to another place for some quick bites. However, those who wish to add more glitter to their wedding day hire after-party bands for that evening. In New York City, many companies specialize in this. You can contact them to plan for this portion. Here are a few suggestions, though.

Find out if your band can stay longer

You can hire a band for wedding entertainment, such as Around Town Entertainment NYC or someone else. If an after-party idea looks appealing, you can talk to them if they can entertain your guests for an additional hour or two. Don’t forget to ask them about their charges. 

The whole ensemble can cost a bit high. In that case, you can find out if some of the band members can stay and pull it off for your party. They can be vocalists, guitarists, keyboard players, etc. Before hiring a band, make sure your choice of the venue allows this.  Sticking to their noise rules is critical, and your chosen wedding band may also want to know these. 

Some sites don’t permit amplified sound after a point. Hence, if you want to continue to party into the wee hours, you will have to pick your venue carefully.

Call the after-party band

Do you have a significant budget to spend on your party? In that case, you can hire another band to make your evening more fun and exciting. Choose someone who can play your favorite songs while keeping the whole crowd entertained. A separate after-party band can be a fantastic idea as they can add a unique touch to the entire ambiance through their style of music playing.

Some couples wonder whether they should choose a band or a DJ. Going with a music band can be better as they know the art of keeping the whole crowd motivated. Their experience of performing at weddings helps them in this. They can interact with the group and change the tempo of the songs as per their taste.  

For you and others also, it can be exhilarating to listen and watch them while dancing to their music. Those who don’t dance can also enjoy the performance from their seats. In truth, they can bring everyone together by tapping into the right emotions for the occasion. Hence, hiring a band can be a good decision if you plan to entertain your guests at your wedding.

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