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Leaving your residency clean at the end of your tenancy can be difficult and overwhelming. Grab a broom and sweep your into these helpful cleaning tips!

Tips for end of tenancy cleaning

When moving out of a rented property, end of tenancy cleaning is the perfect way of saying goodbye to your old place. Having an end-of-tenancy clean means that you’ll likely get back most of your deposit. 

Your landlord will give you a glowing reference, and it makes moving out much less stressful. Here are tips about end-of-tenancy cleaning, like eMaids of Volusia County, that will come in real handy if this is your first time using this service.

end of tenancy clean

Book in advance

A lot of good quality cleaning companies allow you to book end-of-tenancy cleaning services the day before you need them. Which is great, more on that in a moment. However, the moment you know you’re moving out, start looking for reputable cleaning companies in your area. 

Take a look at reviews of the cleaning companies and make sure they are available on the date you have in mind. It’s easier to find a good cleaner and means you can plan your move easily too.

end of tenancy clean

Have a backup

Most cleaning companies likely won’t cancel an appointment with you. However, it can happen. In fact, it happened to me four days before the appointment. Thankfully, I found another cleaning company in time, and it was all good. 

Still, once you’ve booked your cleaning appointment, have a backup in mind. The situation I found myself in was stressful; if I’d had a backup, it wouldn’t have been.

end of tenancy clean


If you have to do some touch-ups to the paint in your rented property or any other repairs, make sure these are done before the cleaning team comes in. If you do need to paint, give it plenty of time to dry. Any repairs you do after the cleaning team comes in will make a mess, and you’ll have to clean the place again.

end of tenancy clean

Move out everything

Anything that you own and that isn’t included in your tenancy agreement should be moved out before the cleaning team comes in to clean your place. End of tenancy cleans happen quickly. 

The speed that the cleaners work at is incredible. If they have to move your things around, it can take them longer. You may even face an extra charge. This is why booking a cleaner in advance is important. 

That way, you know when the cleaners are coming and have plenty of time to move things out. Ideally, you should try and book the cleaners for when you have the keys to your new place so that you can move everything over there, so they have a blank canvas to work with.

end of tenancy clean


Finally, stains. If you’re having your carpet cleaned during your end-of-tenancy clean, point out any stains you know about. Most cleaning companies do offer carpet cleaning as an optional extra for end-of-tenancy cleaning services, and they are a must-have. 

They make the whole place look new. Still, if you know about any small stains, tell the cleaners. You’ve been looking at these stains for months or years, so they can be easily missed if you don’t mention them to the cleaners. That’s about it. Just remember, the cleaners are here to help make moving out of a rental property much easier. 

So, book them in advance to ease your stress, point out any areas they may wish to focus on, and then just let them get to work. End of tenancy cleans take a few hours, but transform your rental property and are really worth the money.

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