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Eid Collection 2023 by Pakistani Designers

Eid- A Festival of Bliss and Togetherness:

Remember the old days as kids when Eid shopping with parents in itself was a festival? Then counting the days till Eid to put on those sparkly gleaming dresses to show them to everyone, that was Eid! Times have changed, yet this feeling of happiness when Eid is around the corner is still the same. It may have switched to more trendy ways of making Instagram reels on Eid outfits, and Eid Get ready with me tutorials, but that joy of Eid is still there.

Eid Collections by Pakistani Fashion Designers:

As the years passed, the trends of Eid shopping have shifted drastically! The fashion designers of Pakistan, like Shireen Lakdawala, have made Eid shopping much easier during Ramadan! Fasting in Ramadan and going shopping used to be tiring, but now we browse through the splendid Eid collections on our smart devices. We pick our favorite and order it online in time for Eid! No more hassle of going to rushy bazaars and having limited choices and time!

Eid Clothing:

Eid is one of the most joyous Islamic festivals that brings families together! We look forward to seeing our cousins, exchanging gifts, and hosting Eid parties! Eid is the time we set aside any differences and celebrate togetherness. What better way to celebrate than with a gorgeous Eid outfit? The tradition of wearing new clothes on Eid ages way back in history, and we all enjoy it! Nowadays, as Eid approaches, Pakistani fashion designers set to work and put forth their best designs suited to the festivity and seasonal requirements! Eid clothing is a whole new chapter in shopping filled with glam, color, and a lot of joy!

Eid ul Fitr 2023:

This year as Ramadan approached, the buzz around Eid collections increased manifolds! Everyone wanted to take a glance at what our designers had to offer this time. This Eid, Pakistani designer Clothes have various options in terms of fabric as the pleasant weather calls for soft and flowy chiffon, elegant organza, and soft silk. The fashion experts say that this Eid, the options are endless! The weather may call for floral spring patterns or solid gorgeous colors with laces and embroideries! You can opt for the classic Shalwar Kamiz or go for more formal options like front-open Kalidars in a maxi style!

Shireen Lakdawala’s Vision for Eid Collection 2023:

Shireen Lakdawala’s Eid Collection, called Zaria, is the epitome of elegance and finesse! It is a breath of fresh air and a stunning vision. Shireen Lakdawala has added all elements of the perfect couture you could find this Eid! The collection was well in time for Eid, launched on February 28, 2023. This collection instantly made the internet fall in love with the magic of soft pastel hues, the stunning silhouettes, and the beauty of its minimalist yet detailed embellishments.

We are in awe of the flattering necklines, the 3D floral embellishments, the details on the statement sleeves, the long flowy, and breezy outfits, and the seamless Shireen Lakdawala’s signature embroidery. This collection isn’t merely a collection of some outfits but of dreams, hopes, and inspiration. This collection is an ode to strong women with a soft, sophisticated, and feminine elegance.

Zaria for Eid ul Fitr?

As picky fashionistas, Zaria by Shireen Lakdawala checks all boxes for what we need in our Eid ensemble! It passes the vibe check as a sleek, trendy, elegant, and uber-chic outfit! These outfits will speak your style and let your personality shine through! This collection is ready-to-wear, so there is no need for hassle needed to run after tailors in Ramadan. Just browse the Zaria collection on Shireen Lakdawala’s official website and order your favorites now!

Zaria for Everyone:

Shireen Lakdawala has shown perfection in her craft, and each dress has been curated to perfection. It is getting all the well-deserved appreciation! Zaria is what a newlywed bride is looking for on her first Eid; Zaria is for all the working women who can effortlessly pull off these ensembles; Zaria is for all the mothers who are looking for an Eid outfit that can be easy to carry yet stunningly stylish and last but not the least, Zaria is for all the teens who want to rock the Insta reels with their Outfit inspiration reels!

A Sneak-Peek through the Collection:

Let’s take a glance at some of our favorites from this magnificent collection that we can’t take our eyes off!

Saha and Ilay:

Saha and Ilay are undoubtedly the most unique stand-out picks from all Eid collections! The soft pastel colors sage green and very pale pink is oh-so dreamy and irresistible! The style of the Dupatta draped shirt is a stunner! The motif embellished on the sleeves and the beautiful floral patterns on the dupatta, in contrast to the solid plain fabric of the shirt, is a work of art!


Ayla is another gem by Shireen Lakdawala that we fell in love with! The pretty pink color, the angrakha-styled neckline, and the high front, low back style; all combined together to make this magnificent outfit! The floral details on the dress are the symbol of feminity and had us swooning over the details of the dress.


Ela is elegant. It is a lavish affair accentuated by the beauty of sequins, crystals, floral embellishments, pearls, and laces! The green color is soothing and mesmerizing!


Embrace the tranquility of dusty grey with Ivy! The delicacy of pearls and crystals on a soft silk fabric; only Shireen Lakdawala can fathom such creativity and perfection!

Zaria by Shireen Lakdawala has some of the most stunning ensembles to add to your wardrobe! The garnishing of embellishments on the canvas of beauty is the perfect depiction of the Zaria Collection! If you haven’t picked out your Eid outfit already, indulge in the beauty of fabrics by Shireen Lakdawala and celebrate Eid in elegance and style!

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