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7 Effective Communication Tips to for a Remote Job interview

Interviewing for a job can be a stressful experience and perhaps doubly so when you’re doing it remotely. The COVID-19 scenario insisted that people acquaint themselves with remote work stations and equipment. In that scenario, though, the teams are already intact, which is different than trying to convince somebody that you belong on the team. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to communicate effectively for a remote job interview.

1. Your Background Can Tell a Lot

There are many virtual background choices, from professional to casual to fun. A Zoom virtual office background, for instance, could show viewers lots of backgrounds that are inspired scenes such as a room with a wall-sized bookshelf or a desk with a lamp and a wall clock mounted on a soft beige wall.  When choosing a background, go for something professional and elegant.

2. Review Your Resume

Studying your own past might seem redundant until your nerves cause you to blank on a question about your bona fides that you hadn’t thought about lately. Take the time to review your resume while looking over a list of potential interview questions.

3. Maintain Good Posture

Sitting up might seem like common sense but it’s also even to forget. A good rule of thumb is to be conscious of how your interviewers are seated and mimic them.

4. Maintain Eye Contact

Putting up a sleek custom Google Meet background can get you off to a great start but your voice and body language must do the rest. Eye contact is important and the remote interview technique is to look into the camera and not at another person. This will ensure that others won’t think you’re looking elsewhere and it’ll show that you’ve got some knowledge of remote tools, too.

5. Keep a Pad and Pencil Handy

The effectiveness of keeping a notepad by your side (out of the camera’s view) is immediate as you can write down the names of your interviewers, in case they aren’t on the screen. Who knows what thoughts will be inspired by each question or when you’ll want to circle back to reinforce a point. The notepad will be of great service to these ends.

6. Be Cognizant of Your Speech

Even in an in-person interview, it’s easy to talk too fast. When you’re remote, take a breath after each question, both to consider your reply and to force patience upon yourself. Let your Microsoft Teams virtual background, or whichever you choose, help you to maintain calm, then deliver your information in a relaxed manner. 

7. Be Yourself

Most folks get nervous and interviewers understand. Prepare as you should and make sure your technology is working, and then have faith in yourself. They saw something in your application that made them want to know more. Other than taking pains to speak slowly and clearly, go with what got you there.

Remote interviewing can be stressful but it certainly isn’t something to be afraid of. Take comfort in the fact that in the big scheme of things, everybody is still getting used to and learning about remote work. If you are focused and prepared, you’ll do fine. Check out a virtual background website to learn more about how people are using remote technology to impress potential employers. 

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