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No more beating at carpets with a broom just to end up inhaling dust particles. Use these helpful tips to easily clean a rug in your home!

How To Clean A Rug The Easy Way

The proper rug cleaning process is vital to preserve the appearance and texture of your rug. The soil and dirt that collects in the pile can cause it to change in texture and color. The cleaning process removes these soils and grooms the pile back to its upright position. This allows the fibers to reclaim their true colors. This process also helps reveal subtle variations in the direction and shading of the pile.

The cleaning process will also reveal stains that were hidden under a layer of soil. For example, colorless sugar left on the fibers will turn into brown, insoluble stains. Accumulated soil may also cause stains to appear brown. Similarly, food stains may turn darker due to drying action. However, professional rug cleaners take steps to minimize this inherent characteristic. Various cleaning agents claim to clean various stains, but they must be chosen according to the fabric.

Besides odors in the tufting material, area rugs may also develop an unpleasant odor after some time. This problem is more likely to affect smaller rooms and spaces. Many area rugs, especially those purchased at mass markets, are made of poor quality materials, which can create a smelly environment.

The Benefits of Rug Cleaning:

There are many benefits of rug cleaning, such as freeing up time and preserving rugs.

  • Rug cleaning is essential to keep your rugs looking and smelling great.
  • Proper cleaning improves the longevity of your Oriental rugs and helps maintain a healthy environment in your home.
  • A modern technique for cleaning Oriental rugs, dry carpet cleaning uses the latest technology to clean rugs without having to soak them in water.
  • Rug cleaning is an effective way to rid your home of allergens.
  • Clean your rugs and carpets regularly to ensure a healthy indoor environment.
  • Professional carpet and rug cleaners use proprietary cleaning materials and processes that are designed to get rid of allergens from carpets and rugs.
  • Using a rug cleaning company is a great way to maintain the health of your family.

Tips to Keep Your Rug Clean:

clean a rug

There are many ways to keep your rug clean. Among these are rotating it regularly, using enzymatic stain remover, vacuuming the rug regularly, and using unscented talcum powder on the fur rugs. These methods will help you keep your rug looking and feeling like new for as long as possible.

Rotating Rugs Regularly

One of the best ways to keep rugs clean is by rotating them frequently. Rotating them once a year is a good rule of thumb, but you can also rotate them as often as every six months. It’s a good idea to rotate rugs when they’re in high traffic areas or rooms. This will help break up natural pathways and prolong their lifespan. In addition to this, you should consider hiring a professional to clean your rugs. This is the best option to ensure your rugs are kept in top condition, and also reverse the damage done by day-to-day use.

Using Enzymatic Stain Remover

Using an enzyme stain remover can help keep your rug clean and stain-free. When applying the enzyme cleaner, make sure to cover the entire area of the stain. This will prevent the enzyme from overpowering the area. Enzymatic stain remover is also an effective way to get blood out of sheets.

Using Unscented Talcum Powder on Fur

Using unscented talcum powder on your dog’s fur will help control sweat and absorb moisture. It also helps prevent clingy skin after sweating. The powder is also non-toxic and safe for dogs.

Vacuuming Area Rugs Regularly

Vacuuming area rugs regularly is a vital step to take to maintain the appearance of your floor coverings. You should do this at least once a week, and twice if you have pets or children. Regular vacuuming helps to keep dirt and allergens from building up and becoming embedded in the fibers of the rug. This will result in cleaner surfaces for you and your guests, and it will help extend the life of your area rugs.

Cleaning Shaggy Rugs

Shaggy rugs are easy to clean, but they do require a little extra care. They are often made of long fibers, and regular vacuuming can damage them. To prevent this, it is best to vacuum on the reverse side of the rug. You can also hire a professional rug cleaner for a more comprehensive cleaning. The most common method for cleaning shag rugs is a baking soda and water mixture.

If the rugs are too dirty, then you can also take them for recycling just like the mattresses. Most people recycle their mattresses since mattresses are expensive and are considered as an investment. There are multiple processes of mattress recycling and the same is with rugs.

clean a rug

Vacuuming Wool Rugs

Vacuuming wool rugs requires a special technique and should be done carefully. For example, if the rug is made of low-quality wool fibers, it can be broken or shed if the vacuum is too rough. Use an upright vacuum that has a beater bar in the highest position to avoid damaging the pile.

One way, to keep rugs clean is to use the rugs of proper size and not exceeding the size. Like for using a rug for the hallway, you need to take a proper sized rug and make a purchase only after taking the hallway rug dimensions

Cleaning Synthetic Rugs

Cleaning synthetic rugs is a relatively simple process. The most common and effective method is steam cleaning, which removes dried soil and bacteria. However, some stains may require more specific cleaning techniques.


The first step in cleaning a rug is to remove any stains or spills from it. You can use a tender brush for this. Then, take your rug outside to dry. If possible, place it on a clothesline and shake it. This will disintegrate any dirt that may be stuck in the fabrics. Then, you can vacuum it.

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