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Whether you're drunk or high, it's never a good idea to drive under the influence. Here are some of the consequences you may face for a DUI.

Assess long-term consequences of DUI in 2022

DUI or driving under the influence is one of the most common criminal offenses globally. Various conscientious drivers with clean records may have got arrested for drinking under the influence charges. Remember that these charges have a severe impact on your career and life. DUI convictions have vast ramifications, and some may linger for many more years to come. 

Most individuals are aware of short-term results like temporary suspension of driving license, fines and fees, high insurance premium, participation in programs on drunk driving awareness, and jail term. 

However, they are not aware of the long-term consequences of DUI. These are significant areas where you have to invest your time and effort. Even if you pay your penalties and fulfill the legal obligation, the conviction will still undermine future opportunities and haunt you for the rest of your life.

dui consequences

License revocation

If you don’t want your driving license to get revoked, you must drive cautiously. A DUI conviction may result in your claim getting withdrawn, and that too for two years or more. These convictions make it hard for you to work, and your position will get derailed for different reasons. 

If you don’t want to lose out on your freedom of driving your car without any stress, you have to learn more about these rules and regulations. It is not easy to function without a license or enjoy the family visit and run simple errands.

dui consequences

Background checks

Most companies conduct a check of criminal background before they employ job applicants. Background checks may trigger because of admission processes or financial aid applications. 

A misdemeanor or felony DUI conviction might remain on your record and may severely affect your job security. Remember that the more familiar you are with these rules and regulations, the less jeopardized you will be with the charges.

dui consequences


If you are already into a company and doing a job, your current profession may get affected with a DUI conviction. Jail terms, community services, or court dates are some of the reasons that may create confusion in your life and work. 

In addition to this, job seekers may have a hard time getting a job because their records of DUI may harm the reduction of employers. Hence, they will be uncomfortable employing you for their job positions.

dui consequences

Auto insurance rate

A well-established consequence of DUI charges is the premium rate of auto insurance. Significantly, drivers who have a record of DUI conviction have to pay a high premium to the insurance companies. These insurance rates may triple or double, depending on the severity of the case. 

Remember that dealing with these cases is a tiresome and time-consuming aspect. What is required is getting in touch with lawyers and attorneys who can help you defend the case. 

It all depends on what you anticipate from the case. The more prepared you are with the case, the better will be your future since it’s always better to go for a reputable lawyer from a reputed firm. In some cases, you can also work with individual reputable lawyers who have a good track record and are known for professionalism. 

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